Raleÿell feeling the sunshine in new single “Dysphoria”

Anxiety, distress, feeling dissatisfied with yourself, Raleÿell’s new single “Dysphoria”. All of those are very familiar feelings that can hit us when we least expect, them and take on such a presence it starts to affect daily life. Once in this state, it’s difficult to see your own way out and a friend is dearly needed. But worry not – I am here to introduce a perfect companion!
This new rocking pop tune is here to offer a helping hand and a key to get out of that feeling. The catchy tune sets a perfect beat on walking out of the feeling and feel the sunshine!



Raleÿell is a singer-songwriter making indie rock music that feels powerful, movie-level epic and larger than life, balanced by her silky voice. Her songs are fully charged with both ambition and emotion, surrounding the listener entirely.
The way how those songs are produced is quite an earcandy – the instrumentation is so deep and layered it feels like flying through mountain valleys – wherever you look, there is always something new. Her vocals give off a vibe of goddess inviting you into her colorful universe full of vibrant colors. Perhaps also give explanation on life through her unique prism.

“Dysphoria”, her new release, is her 3rd single. Beginning of the song sounds exactly how the onset of this feeling would happen – quietly at first, but suddenly it’s there with all of its crushing weight. The bold marching pop beat with dark elements running on gives a sense of immediacy, her voice is soft but very determined at unraveling the all too familiar inner mess of emotions, explaining and setting things straight.

This song is all about dysphoria, the intense state of unease and dissatisfaction. The singer, trapped in the state, seeks for ways how to beat the feeling and stop it from sinking her into the darkness. And thus, the tune takes on an important role to remind us how this emotional state can easily take you over. At the core, the song speaks about your inner strength, and how self-love and self-respect will help you beat the dysphoria.
Lovefully created for those of us stuck in that state, this is a reminder to take a timeout to tend yourself. Take your timeout with this song!

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