The mysterious Sebastea has delivered his first opus

So this is Sebastea.

You may or may not find him somewhere in Turkey – he strikes me as being the elusive type – and far more curiously than just that – he has a real air of mystery about him… so maybe he actually resides within a different realm, or he is from a different time…

Sebastea is an ardent book-lover, he is influenced by classic composers and he also has a real passion for writing. His debut single is a fusion of these pastimes and his transposition of them into a musical composition is one of the most intriguing and beguiling debut songs you are ever likely to hear.

Lyrically ambiguous (perhaps even opaque), the short story of ‘Gemini’ takes us on a journey – a journey way beyond earth – and it appears that the matters being dealt with are ones of very high significance. The music alludes to this too – instrumentation akin to Bjork and Woodkid at their most eccentric – and backing vocals that suggest the presence of spirits or entities that are well beyond our comprehension. Light years away from the structure of your everyday song, this piece is hallucinatory, experimental and proggy – but it definitely works.

This short opening chapter from Sebastea has left me wanting more – and soon! Is this the opener to the album? What happens next? I want to know already! It’s the same feeling I get when I watch a cliff-hanger ending of a tv show – and I know I have got to wait a long time to find out what happens next. Speaking of tv shows, ‘Gemini’ would be a fantastic fit as a musical introduction to a show or movie about something magical, mythical, vivid and epic.

My curiosity for Sebastea’s next release and/or his debut album has been fully piqued. I hope this review has made you eager and excited to go and listen to ‘Gemini’ too. Sometimes though, you know – words don’t do things justice – you just have to let the music do the talking.

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