Tori Boltwood “Cry Baby”

Long-time musical theatre lover Tori Boltwood dazzles her listeners with her soulful voice and touching message in ‘Cry Baby’.

As a child, Tori Boltwood grew up listening to Rock and Roll star Elvis Presley. This influence in her life is responsible for her love of the genre and voices that stand out. Eventually, her love for that type of vocals led her to Adele, who spoke to Tori’s inner soul of her voice. Based on said artists and her experience doing musical theatre from 6th to 12th Grade at Charter Arts School (Manatee School For The Arts), as well as studying Musical theatre/ Jazz Band in college, Tori Boltwood eventually left musical theatre to become a solo artist with the wish of creating heavy storytelling-based music. Currently, her work could be considered predominantly indie pop, but it contains undeniable theatrical and soul elements. 

Tori Boltwood has performed in several stages, including SCF Neel Performing Arts Center FL, where she performed A Christmas Carol (performed with a full orchestra) in December of 2016; regarding musical theater, she’s performed in Civil War: The Musical in October of 2015, Grease in October of 2016, and Once On This Island in October of 2017. All of the previously mentioned performances took place in SCF Neel Performing Arts Center FL.

With the goal of writing a song that reminds everyone of their humanity and the importance of being vulnerable, Tori Boltwood used her own long life battle of accepting how emotional she is to write Cry Baby. The end result is an anthem for emotional people, portraying human emotions as a strength instead of a weakness.

While working on Cry Baby, Boltwood was especially inspired by artists such as Yebba and Adele. As she admired the way in which they paired pop and soul to make beautiful and moving melodies, she was determined to create a healing song that washed away some of last year’s pain and struggles while bringing people together. 

The use of Gospel elements in the track is reminiscent of old time classics that shared the intention of resembling unity. With a choir singing “Real people cry, yes they do… Real people cry” repeatedly in the latter half of the song, Cry Baby‘s therapeutic message becomes stronger than ever.  The combination of the choir’s cheerful words and Boltwood’s strong, soothing voice brings a strong sense of peace and security; the comforting instrumentals only lull the listener even further into the song’s comforting embrace.

Boltwood talks more about the name of the song and the reason she chose it. 

“Cry baby is a term usually applied to an overly emotional person as a negative mark of shame. As someone who has great compassion for others and who lives with an abundant amount of emotional vulnerability in this world I wanted to take that name and turn it into a badge of honor.”

Cry Baby, in a few words, is a humanistic song that brings forth the best of something people have disdained for a long time. Both the song and the artist are unashamedly open and exposed but it’d be a mistake to think that they’re unguarded, for those emotions they clearly displas can also be one’s greatest strength.

Boltwood’s personal experiences and time in the musical theatre world allow her to create music with a strong narrative, telling moving stories in an understandable and subtle manner. Her passion for music and performing can be felt in her voice and lyrics, and her desire to create music people can connect with can be felt in the way she puts pieces of herself in everything she works on. Cry Baby is her third single as a solo artist, yet it represents years of mastery and knowledge that only determined and hardworking people can convey. 

As an artist, Tori Boltwood has stated that her job is only well done if she’s able to surprise her audience; with Cry Baby‘s pleasant change in tune and ever changing elements, Tori achieves and surpasses her own goal. Unable to settle for the ordinary when it comes to her work, the path for Tori Boltwood can only go higher. 

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