Moon Museum – “With You”

Our favorite un-conventional Shoegaze band has returned with a bigger sound, a darker tone, and a very immersive soundtrack. Following their wall-of-sound approach, “With You” takes Moon Museum’s melancholy to a whole new level.

In case you missed our first review of Moon Museum previous single you can find it here: Moon Museum Pleasures Of Peace.

Moon Museum is a 4 piece band that holsters members from San Francisco and Oakland. What started as a collaboration between Ian Zazueta (Lead Guitar) and Ryan Joseph (Vocals, Guitar, Bass); two close friends who knew each other from the San Francisco close-knitted musical scene; turned into a powerful creative union as they jointed with the talents of Olivia Barchard (Vocals, Keys) and Aaron Hazen. The band soon became into a sonic exploration with influences like Slowdive, Chameleons, and Doves.

As they exploited their sonic capacities, the band wrote and recorded three songs in 2019 with the help of Ben Hirschfield of NuTone Recordings, which it’s said to have included a night of debauchery and dancing with a taxidermied bear in a small town. Sounds like a fun night!

With You” is Moon Museum’s new single, which follows the bands Shoegaze expression with a more unique approach to vocals and pop structures. Big, abrasive and beautifully overwhelming, the band explores the bittersweet feelings that relationships can make us feel. A blasting sound full of reverberating guitars, driving drums, steady bass and sweet vocals, “With You” is the result of the band’s creativity and ability to come up with huge atmospheres.

As any other musical group, Moon Museum had to tackle and find new ways to stay in touch and keep moving forward throughout the pandemic, this included virtual meetings and remote feedback, giving them time to perfect their sound. Now, with the three songs mixed and mastered, they proved their unconditional and unwavering belief in their sound and their music, and are ready to let us hear their amazing creations.

Here’s some personal thoughts of the band itself:

“The song started as a demo I had written, but I wanted it to have a heavier textural sound and I knew bringing it in to the band would get it there. We experimented with different amp combos and pedals in the studio and landed on something that really gave the song it’s character.”— Olivia Barchard

“I really connected with the guitar work on this song. It ranged from being complementary to verging on chaos. I also love the reverb chamber we made with the bathroom hallway and a bunch of amps–this gave the guitars their huge sound”— Ian Zazueta

“The song was moving in a great direction already, so just getting the right groove on bass was all it needed. I used a 60s hollowbody with flatwounds and it had all the vibe in the world.” — Ryan Joseph

“We tried a few drum approaches and driving toms seemed to compliment the vocals and layered guitars perfectly.” — Aaron Hazen

The song feels brilliantly made, perfectly executed and spot-on mixed, it’s massive sound contrasts with Olivia’s beautiful melodies, held together with (very) long-tailed reverbs and delays. Ever-growing and heartbreaking, this song is sure to be added to your favorite Shoegaze-Pop musical dreams.

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