Enrose “Comatose”

The newly debuted passion project Enrose brings saxophone extravaganza alongside their soulful and smooth R&B sound in their single ‘Comatose’.

Originally intended to be a solo project, Enrose saw a change in its number as, in the midst of a global pandemic, creator of the project, saxofonist, vocalist and songwriter Gabi Rose managed to find and unite a team of musicians who shared her same passion and eagerness to start this project. This way, the saxophone-infused R&B and pop band was born. 

Besides Gabi Rose (vocals and sax), the band consists of musicians Kit Benz (keyboard), Jake Navarro (drums), Mikey Rotunno (bass), and Billy Joe Harden (guitar). The 5-piece band shares a mind and demonstrates sublime synergy, especially when it comes to live sound, a characteristic Rose has always tried to find. 

Regarding the head of the project, Gabi Rose is a Long Island-based musician and writer. Prior to Enrose, Rose worked as a musician who performed other artists’ music at corporate events, weddings and gigs. Enrose was created out of her desire to perform and share her original songs. With the help of the other members and producer and friend, Antony Lopardo, Enrose achieves a soul-influenced pop and R&B sound that reminds their audience of Anderson .Paak, Moonchild and Haitus Kaiyote’s Nai Palm.

Their debut single, Comatose, talks about the rapid progression of romantic feelings and the hold it has over the person falling in love. 

Musically, Enrose is everything they describe themselves at since the very beginning: their sound is suave, polished and predominantly R&B blended with some soul and pop elements. The presence of the saxophone adds onto their sophisticated air, obtaining the perfect balance between elegant and casual. Considering the theme of the song, the instrument also adds a romantic flair that fits perfectly with the theme of the song. 

Comatose was written by Gabi Rose during the beginning stages of developing feelings and becoming aware of her own thoughts and emotions. The song and lyrics transmit the internal fight Rose had as the feelings rapidly grew deeper while she was still unwilling to submit to them. However, as the first verses suggest, all control was lost once she finally let go and allowed herself to experience these feelings of love. 

The drums become more prominent during the song’s chorus, at the exact point Rose begins to let go and embraces the rapid beating of her heart. Although the song has a slow, easy pace throughout most of its duration, it still captures the feeling of being rapidly submerged in an uncontrollable ocean of love. Comatose provides a smooth but exciting ride as listeners get to experience Rose’s thoughts and progressing emotions. Supported by a colorful and cheery music video, the song shows both everyday moments as one falls deeper and deeper and how time both slows down and picks up the pace once you let go. 

With the release of Comatose, Enrose is starting their artistic journey on the right foot. The band is currently for an EP release later this year, leaving listeners expectantly waiting for more of their eclectic sound.

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