Echo & Bloom “The Particles That Made Us”

With the release of their first EP, ‘From The Particles That Made Us’, the duo Echo & Bloom continue pouring their passion into music, this time with a slightly celestial ambience as they focus on grand emotional resonances and universal experiences.

Despite both of them being bedroom producers with a love for music, their musical background could not be more different: with one member coming from the hardcore scene

and the other having a background as a Disney vocalist, Taylor Thomas and Mat Dywer are two forces that might have originally seemed unlikely to team up. However, their strong songwriting abilities and synergy have proven that this fresh duo is more than capable of understanding each other and working together. 

With an energetic folk indie pop sound and enticing, explosive vocals coming from both members, Echo & Bloom decided to make the best of their time during lockdown as they prepared for their debut EP. 

The Melbourne songwriting duo wrote the tracks in From The Particles That Made Us in order to create a complete synthesis that touches on the unique and the universally shared, placing the human condition and its reaction to its environment as the center of this project. 

From the very beginning, it is quite clear that From The Particles That Made Us would be playing with the dream-like and magical while still keeping itself grounded in reality and using common experiences as inspiration. The EP’s wide sonic palette becomes the perfect realm to escape to; at the same time, the songs all hold special messages that can also work as a guiding light for the people that seek refuge from their reality.

From The Particles That Made Us includes a little bit of everything. Starting with the upbeat and hopeful ‘Dreamers’ and ‘D(us)t’, the artists  touch upon the power of beliefs and determination. It is during these two tracks that the EP has it’s dreamiest vibe, something similar to soaring in the sky and lightly grazing the clouds as if it were an everyday activity. Both songs contain electronica elements and are lighthearted pop tunes, lightly stepping more towards dream-pop when compared to the more indie sound that will appear later on.

‘Circles’, beginning to show a different side of this EP, focuses on miscommunications and the endless debates and pain they can cause. The fourth song, ‘Runaways’, is slightly more neutral, as it talks about the desire to run away from pain and how to become a brighter, livelier version of yourself. Following a similar motif, ‘Breathe’ is a reminder of the human necessity to stop and breathe in and out. In a psychological sense, the fifth track is about breaking free from stress and temporarily pressing pause in order to remember the importance of taking care of yourself.  

As for the last song, ‘By the river, undivided’, the song feels like a bittersweet farewell. Being a song with lyrics that mention taking it slow, being far from home, and wanting to stay united, By the river, undivided at times feel a moving promise of being together forever, and in other instances it sounds like a final moment with someone you care about deeply. In the end, with vague lyrics that allow the listener to insert themselves and their own experiences onto the six songs, any track can mean something different for every person. 

While the first two tracks have an uplifting tone and are surrounded by light, the four remaining tracks all share a generally more serious ambience and a slightly gloomy feeling. The offset created by the beginning of the EP, with it resembling optimism and an ideal state of mind and environment, compared to the themes discussed from the third to sixth song, which include grief, miscommunication, is a clear display of Echo & Bloom’s willingness to discuss a wide arrangement of topics, both light and dark. 

Drawing inspiration from influences such as Oh Wonder, Angus and Julia Stone, Of Monsters and Men, and Broods, there is a high chance that Echo & Bloom will appeal to fans of those artists. Furthermore, with a sound akin to LOONA’s mini album  [X X] and City Girl’s Neon Impasse and with lyrics that contain heart like Hozier’s do, Echo & Bloom proves that songwriting is only one of their many skills. Among others, their talent for creating a connection with the audience and slowly strengthening that link as they keep showing vulnerability and their true selves in all their music is one that truly stands out. 

Echo & Bloom’s debut is genuine and humane. As it leads the listener through the highs and lows of real life relationships and common experiences, they manage to add magical elements that make all the tracks become their own entity and be unique. 

Bringing everything they touch to life, Echo & Bloom are ready to start their journey as a duo. 

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