Fish and Scale’s wonderful new single “Unmask Myself”

Unmask Myself by Fish and Scale’s new single. Have you ever noticed that people you talk to act kind of limited or even fake? Or perhaps you’ve noticed yourself acting like that and feeling a bit bad from it, but you fear to let go of this facade?
There’s an exciting new single out, a soaring folk tune that will make that facade start peeling off. It’s a wonderful soul-driven addition to your playlists and a much-needed helping hand for those that seek to revive the connection with they true selves!


Fish and Scale is an indie folk project run by Roland Wälzlein, a German-based artist. He’s making a very different kind of folk music, which has much more to do with psychedelic folk than what’s seen in traditional folk music. In addition to that, it’s loaded with that visceral energy.

When he was little, he survived a major heart surgery – a life-and-death situation that has stayed with him ever since. This experience as well as his stay in a “silent retreat” thoroughly reshaped his understanding of life, and all that is also reflected in his music.


The result? Warm soulful guitar-driven atmosphere that you can go right into, combined with messages coming straight out of the artist’s core. He speaks about deeper meaning of life in the most honest and open-hearted way, carried on by his deep and soaring voice that is such a pleasure to listen to. His songs, while never repetitive, can be both introspective or stargazing, as well as toetapping tunes celebrating life.
His works are gaining international attraction at a steady speed. It should be mentioned he’s also providing soundtrack for an Amazon Prime special called “Key Lime Voodoo”.


He has a new single out called “Unmask Myself“, a second single from his upcoming album. With the song beginning on a quiet, but very assertive note, he sounds honest, raw and exposed. As the tune carries on, it expands and takes off into sky-level heights. His embodiment of being confident in your true self grows, full of immediacy and newfound freedom.
This song a solid smack in the face of social norms often causing people to hide their true side behind a mask just to conform with society. A much-needed encouragement to drop your veils and embrace yourself for what you are.

His new album titled “You Can Call Me LOVE” is out very soon and will be a wonderful treat and soul-healing experience, so I highly recommend keeping your eyes peeled on this artist!

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