Jane N’ The Jungle, “Trouble”

April 9, 2021

Welcome back for another great musical discovery on this New Music Friday entry! Today we’ll be presenting the latest release by Jane N’ The Jungle, a band with such a refreshing sound… this one’s not to be missed!

Jane N’ The Jungle is a modern rock band from Phoenix, Arizona, integrated by Jordan White (lead vox), Brian Dellis (guitar) and Bryan Dague (bass). The history of this project goes back to 2013, when childhood friends Jordan and Brian began writing songs together; this would eventually lead to their first recording, “Concrete Jungle” in 2018. It was during that year that Bryan, a.k.a. “Big B”, joined the band. Their sound is influenced by artists such as Heart, Pat Benatar and Soundgarden.

Their new single, Trouble, opens up with very energetic instrumentals that will immediately get you grooving and in the mood for a fiery ride; rest assured that the band fulfills all of the expectations they manage to create within these first few seconds. Following this powerful introduction, the melodic material starts to unfold, as Jordan’s voice enters with a full-bodied tone and the ever rising intensity that sums up the track’s character. During this section, the guitar and bass lines elaborate some great counter melodies that, along with the vocals, result in a lavish tapestry of sound. We then get an explosive chorus, reminiscent of both classic rock and grunge music, with soaring vocals and intense performances; the bridge section offers a brief and effective contrast before the chorus comes back: a climatic ending that definitely feels like a live performance delivery. 

“”Trouble” was written one night at band practice during quarantine while we were drinking old fashions from a can. We wanted to create a different type of sound, a more rock / edgy sound than we have done in the past. The guys told me I should try to sing like Dave Grohl, so I did. Not sure if I really sound like him, LOL, but it helped inspire me. It was written very fast and came easy after about an hour we had it down and knew it was something special… we hope fans enjoy this new rock sound we created and know it will be a blast performing it live! We can’t wait to perform when it’s safe again. We also wanted to add our live performance energy into the recording as best as we could to give listeners a little more attitude, edginess and show-like instrumentation. Our suggestion to listeners is to pop open an old fashion can, (if you are 21+) turn up the music, and rock on!!”


The bravura found on this single by Jane N’ The Jungle is bound to satisfy any enthusiast of rock music, as there are many elements from diverse subgenres present in here; their resources are gracefully employed, great lyrics and musicality all over the place, and a raw feeling of ferocity that inspires you to get out there and get things done… a perfect way of getting the weekend started!

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