Nae M. “Changing”

After a year long hiatus, Italian singer-songwriter Nae M. makes a comeback with ‘Changing’, where she talks about the realizations she’s had during the time she wasn’t active in the music scene. 

Nae M. is a twenty-year-old R&B and neo-soul singer-songwriter from southern Italy whose love and aptitude for music has been clear since the age of seven, when she began learning the piano. By the time she was nine, Nae M. began to learn singing and when she was only fifteen, she was participating in regional competitions and festivals. 

It was in 2018 that Nae M. began her collaboration with BubblePOP Studio and after a year of working together, she had recorded and published her first singles, which were mainly R&B songs and written in English. It was also during this time that the artists decided to step back at age eighteen, and for almost two years, she’s been reflecting on herself, her goals and music. 

The long break allowed for Nae M. to be analytical and critical of her own work and desires, and in 2021 she’s successfully grasped an idea of what she wants to do with her music and future. Changing, the first song she’s decided to release after her hiatus, is a reflective piece that discusses the stage of life where we’re forced to make a life-defining choice. 

For Nae M., the concept of change implies being aware of your surrounding and self. Although change can come involuntarily and rather suddenly, it is up to every person to take responsibility of the version of ourselves we’re meant to become. In a way, change can only be truly achieved when we learn of our past and keep moving forward regardless of how many times we might get lost. 

Changing represents the year long period Nae M. spent finding herself, from the very beginning as she’s lost trying to figure out what she wants, up until the very end with her return to music and the release of this track. The song works as a passage, taking both Nae M. and her listeners through a journey where we can see both the past and the present. 

Written when the artist was feeling lost, the song contains traces of all her doubts, blocks, and hesitations, and it ultimately works as a comforting message to people who have felt this same way at any point in their lives. The action of Nae M. becoming aware and embracing her change is uplifting proof of how the hard journey will always be worth it. 

Inviting fans of neo-soul, R&B, and pop to give her music a chance, Nae M. encourages her audience by singing about experiences they could also relate to. Holding the belief that music is the care of our souls, Nae M. hopes to create music that heals anyone who might be struggling and going through their own changes. 

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