Release date = 9th April 2021

‘Restlessness & Wanderlust’ – Stephen Halas’ 2nd EP has arrived.

If you are looking for something new to listen to that is diverse, fun, engaging and experimental – then look no further – Tired Cossack’s new 22 minute adventure will delight and entertain you. It’s an EP of escapism that will simultaneously take you back in time, whilst also delivering a taste of the future with it’s eclectic sounds and song structures.

A unique and captivating voice narrates six tracks of freedom, joy and liberation. It’s sometimes hard to believe that it’s the same guy telling us these six mini-stories as his delivery and tone change from track-to-track. I also think I just found myself a new road-trip EP.

Crooning his way down dusty roads… Tired Cossack is surprisingly good company

The EP begins with ‘Solitaire‘, a track that has its roots buried deep in the past. It sounds like it was recorded in a saloon, or maybe it is being played in one right now.

XV‘s discordant instrumentation echoes the sounds of ‘The Joy Roses Stone Cure Division’ and Tired tells us that ‘this is a mess now’. It definitely isn’t a mess – by this stage, I am totally captivated by the EP and can’t wait to hear what is coming next.

I’m picturing myself with my best friends dancing around a campfire, as ‘Dollywood‘ takes us on a My Morning Jacket kinda trip – or is it rockagaragebilly from the 60’s? – hard to tell – maybe both, maybe neither – but it’s a lot of fun!

We slowdive into ‘Million Bux‘ on track 4 – an uplifting track with vocals coming straight out of a cave in the wilderness.

The EP highlight is probably ‘Bubba‘ – a galloping cure for the worst of hangovers – Tired Cossack is “walking cos’ he can’t sit still” and we are going on this exciting trek through unknown terrain with him.

The closing track is a tribute to Stephen’s grandmother. A slower tempo, more stripped back number and a fitting closing chapter to this second adventure.

I am a huge admirer of Fleet Foxes debut full-length album. Although very different in style and influence, ‘Selo’ evokes a lot of the same feelings for me. It takes me back in time and it transports me to a different place – possibly way out west and it’s an album that floats by and ends all too soon. I’m filing Tired Cossack’s latest effort as a nice companion-piece to the 2008 lp by Robin Pecknold and co.

I am also very eager to hear Tired Cossack’s first full-length album and hopefully it’s in the making and we will all get to hear it very soon.

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