Luke Lanzon “46”

Young and full of big dreams, Luke Lanzon releases his second single of the year, ‘46’, a song that reflects on love, the passage of time, and changing feelings. 

Luke Lanzon is a young adult from St. Louis, Missouri. The singer-songwriter currently lives the commonly seen reality of working an ordinary job during the day and after the usual shift, going back to the comfort of his room, where his creativity lets loose. When he’s not busy working, Lanzon is more than likely writing songs about love and other sappy subjects.

After the positive reception given to his debut single, ‘Saving Grace’, at the beginning of the year, Lanzon is maintaining his debut’s momentum with the release of another indie track. This time, 46 contains a contagious joy that wasn’t found in the serene Saving Grace, with the new single including more synth-pop elements.

The song kicks off with a slightly charming, deeply catchy tune as it throws the listener right into the story. The song transmits a feeling of deep infatuation, as the lyrics reminiscence on a promise made between two lovers. Feelings of love are intertwined with the slightest scents of regret and melancholy, as we later find out that the marriage pact that was promised at an early age will never be fulfilled. 

As the song says “Do you recall that time you said if we were still alone at forty-six, we’d tied the knot?”, the meaning of the title becomes clear. The story within the lyrics talks about wasted youth and time that was spent longing for a possibility of being with someone, only to realize all you’ve lost and missed out on once it’s too late. 

Lanzon himself talks more about the song, mentioning how he managed to find his sound and the experiences that inspired the story told in the lyrics of 46

“Before writing this song, my catalogue had been almost exclusively singer-songwriter type stuff, so I wanted to make something that rocked a bit more for the band I was playing with at the time. It took on a few different forms before landing in synth-pop territory (one leaned way more into surf rock, for example) so I’d still like to release an alternate version at some point. It’s fun comparing earlier takes to now, as my sound has changed a lot over the years.”

Lyrically, I guess you could say it’s about restlessness and the repercussions of living life in the fast lane. I think when you’re young it can feel almost instinctual to want to do so, as if we’re missing out on this idea of “living” if we don’t, but that can come at the cost  of missing out in other ways, in this case relationships.”

While the pop rhythm and the synthesizers add onto the general experience of the track by, in a way, representing the overflowing emotions felt by the protagonist of the lyrics, the possibility of listening to 46 again with a different arrangement or a completely new genre is just as attractive, as it would provide a different meaning to the project. 

Regardless of this possibility, Luke Lanzon has already shown two sides of his style with the singles he’s released so far. With the intention of pumping out more singles this year, the only way to find out what other tricks Lanzon hides under his sleeve is to keep an eye out and wait for the upcoming tracks!

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