Elke Schon “Talk To Me”

Debuting at age sixteen with ‘Talk To Me’, a cinematic, slow-burn track, Elke Schon bursts onto the scene without holding back her talent. 

Based in the Gold Coast, the young singer-songwriter has been taking singing lessons and building her musical foundation since childhood. Dreaming of being a professional singer and releasing her own music, Elke Schon has been slowly preparing herself for the first step towards that dream. With the release of her debut single, she’s begun to put the foundations of her professional career. 

The single Talk To Me was written in 2020 with the help of Amele and produced by Josh Beattie. 

Holding a strong cinematic feel, this lush and romantic piano-heavy song fits right into any teenager and young adult’s playlist about ambiguous and overflowing feelings. Perhaps it is because Elke herself is in that age range that her music seems to hit every box in what young modern-pop listeners with a passion for dramatic tones will fall in love with. 

Unintentionally, Elke’s sound and the entirety of Talk To Me has come at the perfect moment, where the adoration for the blend of historical dramas, romance and modern elements has become the new sensation, making her the perfect new artist for young listeners to latch on to and support. With influences such as Billie Eillish, Harry Styles, and Lana del Rey, Elke has grabbed the contemporary sound that surrounds her and is slowly but surely making it her own, as her song feels familiar to anyone who’s listened to the previously mentioned artists, yet it has its own touch and wouldn’t be mistaken as theirs. 

Of course, Elke Schon as an artist is not bound exclusively to young listeners or what audiences are currently leaning towards. Long-time lovers of moody, cinematic pieces, slow-burn progressions, and contemporary songs that rely heavily on classical instruments have always been present, and any of those groups can listen to Talk To Me and find at least one aspect of the song that is to their liking. 

As the song continues and the feeling of intimacy it brings grows deeper, Talk To Me focuses on outlining the inimitable experience of first love and the artist’s efforts to understand said feelings and moments. Elke’s take on unconfined and newly-born emotions carries both unimaginable strength and an admirable, gentle softness — this is how Elke Schon interprets love, and whether it’s a lingering feeling or a forever-present sensation, she has nailed what she set out to accomplish. 

At a point in her life where she’s still growing, Elke Schon shows great emotional maturity in the way she expresses her thoughts and emotions. Her debut is merely the beginning of a long road, and as she keeps finding herself, her sound is slowly embedding itself in her listener’s heart. 

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