Liam Vincent and the Odd Foxes “Pierson V. Post” EP

We have a new treat ready for you, dear listeners! This time it’s a title containing five songs by a fresh folk group. The new album we’re about to introduce is full of good mood and lovely sounds, a perfect little EP to put on playback in the morning and let its folk-driven vibes brighten up your mood and your day!

Liam Vincent & The Odd Foxes are a group of four hailing from Kettering, UK. Together they’re weaving a delightful blend of indie folk full of gentle melodies and cherishing atmospheres. The absolutely beautiful instrumentation is complete with Liam’s dreamy voice.

Expect songs that mean something, have real instruments and are played with passion and heart. Feel always wins over technical ability. It’s often the little mistakes or accidents that take a song up to another level. Perfection is boring.

They began writing music and performing together at the beginning of 2020 and got to do so for 2 months. As the germs suddenly took over the world, studios and venues got closed for the foreseeable future and they had to think what to do next with their plans of recording a new album.

With the world in lockdown, we were left with 3 choices – sit back and wait until everything blows over, record the full band using midi drums etc or do something more stripped back and acoustic. We opted for the latter, as we hate all of that quantized, drag and drop stuff that’s so prevalent in modern music – so much heart and soul gets lost when you’re playing along to a computer rather than a human being.
The idea behind Liam Vincent & The Odd Foxes was always to write songs that would work in different contexts, whether that be solo acoustic or with the full 6-piece band. So creating at EP that was stripped back and acoustic wasn’t a huge leap but trying to capture the feeling of people playing in a room together, even though nobody was, was the real challenge. With the help of producer Jamie Thompson though, I think we achieved it.

And here it is, the new album! A beautifully packaged success story on learning how to overcome obstacles of remote recording, the album contains five acoustic songs, all of which are filled with good vibes and beautiful melodies.

Loaded with the sound of Irish folk full of those dancing melodic plucks that awaken the soul deep within, the songs tell us stories about what has been going on in the minds and lives of the band members. The lyrics are very relevant, capturing all those daily thoughts, such as figuring out how to change your daily life for the better, opinions about consumption and battles with dark thoughts and wobbly mental health. All that has been tastefully combined with the refreshing and tender sounds of mandolin, guitars and violin singing in unison which feels like rays of sun shining above treetops.

This album is a perfect reminder that no matter what’s going on in the world, life is still worth celebrating and there will still be a new day coming after dark. It’s also such a sweet collection of masterfully crafted songs and should be taken as a fully-fledged folk album. Excellent addition to your collection of uplifting tunes!

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