Sonar Red – “Carrier”

Astonishing, explosive, and bold. An amalgamation of post-rock soundscapes and industrial rock energy that defies the mainstream and claims for exploration. “Carrier” is Sonar Red’s brand new single and its heavy hitting atmosphere with answer-seeking lyrics will make you look for some kind of antidote to the world’s recent events.

Sonar Red is a post/alt-rock project formed by long-time collaborative UK duo Jon Diss and Rick Everest. Heavily influenced by quite somber and powerfully emotive musical enterprises like NIN and A Perfect Circle, Sonar Red is the answer for those seeking to discover an alternative to modern mainstream pop.

“Carrier” is the duo’s second release following their debut single “The Ground Beneath Our Feet”, both carrying raw and energetic combinations of growling bass, guitar layers and heavy drums. All together with questioning and deep-reaching lyrics that penetrate straight through the listener’s belief system.

Deceiving first listeners, a gentle piano slowly makes its way across glitching static, reverb tails and tainted echoes, only to suddenly hit you with swinging drums, straight forward vocals and dirty guitars that seem to weep in anger, making their way to the chorus.

Gotta get me out of here” the song sings, while shimmering melodies and driving bass continue to move us forward to a dynamic push and pull, background vocals and high reaching harmonies. What seems to be the end, with the return of the once again deceiving piano soon turns into the song’s outbreaking climax, bringing the euphoria to a sudden end.

Carrier embodies an infectious and accessible rock sensibility, clothed in an industrial, post-rock landscape. Subtle and savage in equal measure, this is a track that demands the listeners attention.

The duo’s goal is to make music that is diverse, dynamic, and intense, and for the last past year they’ve been working on what will be their first full-length material: Nonunion. This will explore crisis, disintegration, vulnerability and facing the current storms of events. “The album is a brutally honest, unsweetened assessment of our struggle against, ourselves, each other and the seemingly relentless pressures of the modern age.” – Sonar Red.

So, if you’re into driving beats, raging synths and guitar layers tempered by delicate and intricate melodies, waste no time and follow Sonar Red to keep yourself up to date to the album’s release. They are also interested in working alongside other creative individuals in film, tv and the visual arts.

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