Madonnatello – Call em’ off

A celebration of boredom in the middle of a rapidly moving social agenda. Our favorite Popwave group named after a pop star and a teenage ninja turtle has returned with a song that reminds us to lift the foot off the pedal and just enjoy the view for a while. “Call Em’ Off” is Madonnatello’s new single sure tol lift your spirit and set you in a great mood. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with today’s plans, breathe, and call em’ off.

In case you missed their last article of their previous single, you can read it here.

Madonnatello is a Danish 4-piece that sounds just as their name suggests, with a unique approach to sound, lyrics and performance. Inspired by a variety of artists like Talking Heads and Mac DeMarco the group fills their sound with critical thinking and a neo-sentimental indie pop vibe. Passion driven and full of talent, the four producers stand out with a very professional craft, both in sound and in content.

Call Em’ Off is the reminder to take a step back whenever you find yourself going too fast or doing too much in too little time, a necessary break from routine, responsibilities and self-pressure. A pop-infused track with very interesting sounds, rich bass, fat drums, analog synths and wandering guitars that never stop to make your head bop around.

Madonnatello is a flourishing band new to the music scene, but with their debuting single and this second track they’ve established a colorful musical collection of expression and artistic renaissance thanks to their skills on music, production, lyricism, and video artistry.

The single was made in collaboration with Søren Buhl Larsen (Blaue Blume), experimenting with elements and techniques from club music, pop and bone dry indie. The achieved result is a fantastic mix of lush sounding features and a steady Feel Good ride.

We easily forget to give ourselves a free pass and enjoy life as it is, to take in the soothing qualities of stillness and rest, this song works as an aide-memoire to all of this. So if you enjoy just doing nothing (as we know you probably do) give these talented boys a listen an be sure to support and follow them on InstagramFacebook,  YouTubeSoundcloud, and Spotify.

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