Marilyn Hucek “INFINITY” EP

Life is full of struggles, but also beautiful moments. Today we’re excited to introduce a new EP that’s all about hardships and delights of life through the personal lens of a young artist. Read on to learn more about this wonderful little album full of head-bopping tunes inspired by living in this world!

Marilyn Hucek is a pop singer and songwriter born in Washington D.C. and currently based in New York. Her music can have both sparkling and popping sound and also emotionally-driven depth, introspective moments and everlasting boost of life energy. All carefully combined with witty and true-to-heart lyrics gaining wings on her wonderful voice.

Her dream was to become a pop star ever since she was very small and this culminated in her auditioning for The Voice, hoping to begin her career there. That didn’t work out well and she lost hope in running her music career, up until the pandemic happened and her father got ill. This drove her to take up writing music again and her first song “Memories” was dedicated to her father. The results are happy – her father recovered and Marilyn is now a full-time artist who just dropped her debut EP!

The EP named INFINITY consists of 6 songs. Collectively they tell stories of her personal struggles in life as well as her thoughts on societal issues, all through her heartfelt lyrics and captivating toetapping melodies. It’s a musical journey about her finding her voice and sound, and a deeper understanding of who she is.

It begins with “Memories”, the starting point of her journey as an artist. The song reflects her fear of her father passing and struggling with the overload of emotions, and finding an outlet for all that in writing music. Next come the speedy “What?”, tender “Vulnerable”, very determined “I’m Not Sorry” and reassuring “Dreams”, with each one of them opening a window that lets her audience see different parts her life. These songs address some of Marilyn’s struggles, but they also carry a message of overcoming all obstacles. The last track “Touch Me” finishes the EP on the most positive tone, both gentle and full of that unmistakable female energy. Quite rightly so, as the tune celebrates femininity, self-love and sexual wellness of women.

The songs as well as the cover art reflect Marilyn’s inspiration and faith in infinite potential and her strong belief that anyone can reach their dreams if they believe in it and work for it. It’s also for her father:

The whole idea behind the EP and the reason for the galaxy theme in the cover and press pictures is because of my dad’s fascination with outer space. We used to look at stars together through a telescope and since he’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s I wanted to incorporate something that he would immediately identify with.

Ending this blog post with the artist’s message for you:

Hi! I’m an NYC/DC-based American-Latina pop artist! I hope you like my music! I write all my lyrics and melodies so my songs come from the heart. My music is versatile depending on my mood and the story I want to share. I’ve written fun dancey songs, hip-hop-inspired, and songs with a singer-songwriter country-pop vibe– I don’t like to be put in a box. It’s all about the exploration of sound and ultimately having fun and staying true to myself. I hope you enjoy my music! Let’s connect and chat!

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