From Humans to Hydra – “Colossal”

Whenever you find yourself in a tight spot, come back to this song. Living up to its name, today’s single delivers a colossal front of energy, punch, dynamics and a Just do it message to anyone chasing a dream. “Colossal” is UK duo From Humans To Hydra‘s new single, and you might wanna hang on to your chair before listening.

From Humans To Hydra is a UK band formed by Carl Goodwin on bass and vocals, and Huw Battenbo on vocals, guitars, and keys. Both met each other in Swansea (Wales) when their respective flatmates were dating. “They are not together now, but we are.” – FMTH

Colossal was born after both bandmates found themselves in situations where decisions had to be made, in order to make a big chance in their lives. Huw was working a stressfull job and beating himself up in many fronts and he knew it was time to step up. So began his journey.

“I remember being on the start of that journey just as the first few melodies of the song started coming to me. Looking back it was probably a message to myself: keep going the changes are working don’t give up.” – Huw

The song starts with a simple guitar progression backed up with airy pads, immediately joined by Carl Goodwin’s high reaching, powerful voice. Right after the first few lines, a blunt strike of guitars and drums punch their way to the chorus, turning the song into a heavy-hitting arena-like anthem.

Inspired mainly by concept driven rock bands (Pink Floyd, Genesis), the raw energy of the grunge era (Nirvana, Pixies), and stadium pop/rock (U2, AWOLNATION), “Colossal” maintains a constantly forward-going energy that comes down only to explode back once again. Massive? No, colossal.

With a beautiful production and spot-on composition, this song was written for anyone who has or is about to make a huge leap in their life and make positive changes. “It’s a middle finger up to anyone who’s ever told you you can’t, you won’t or you shouldn’t! Make those changes, it could end up being Colossal!” – FHMTH

The song was made in collaboration with another talented pair of producers, Jump and Turner, who, in the band’s words, were invaluable to the process of bringing this song to its full potential.

Even though FHTH are a new band, they’ve received massive recognition and good response with their first two singles, achieving so far radio play in the UK, US and Australia, and an interview on Welsh station MonFM.

They have also just featured on French blog ‘Direct Actu’; and in previous writing projects they won the AKG unsigned heroes competition, with regular airplay on Nation Radio and XFM. Thumbs up!!

“Colossal” will form part of their forthcoming EP which will explore the stages of human existence; from birth and innocence (Glimpse), to childhood and early adulthood where the world imposes its external influence on you, to a fork in the road, where you realise that a lot of how you may feel isn’t necessary or maybe not even real (Colossal). The 3rd single, still unreleased, will form the prequel to Collosal.

At one point, the band thought of ditching the track because they just couldn’t get their head around it and finish it. Luckily, Carl played it on his phone to other producers when they were on the recordings of another song and told him to down tools on anything else they were working on and finish Colossal instead.

Funny are the ways of life and somethings seem to just be meant to be, one way or the other. Life, uh, finds a way. So please, don’t forget to support this project and to follow FHTH on InstagramFacebook,  and Spotify. It also helps to stream and share their music; you can obviously find it in the following Playlists: Less Than 1,000 FollowersFresh SinglesSickest & DopestIndie Only, and Alterindie State Of Mind.

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