Maki Flow “Everything I’m Not”

The enigmatic pop star Maki Flow makes a comeback with ‘Everything I’m Not’, a bittersweet pop track that contains a heartwarming message. 

Maki Flow, a young and lively artist based in London, has been preparing for her forthcoming debut EP, ‘Can’t Act My Age’, since she moved from Italy to a new country in order to make more connections and continue her musical career and studies. Since the release of her first single ‘Better Off Alone’, which Less Than 1,000 Followers reviewed as soon as it came out, Maki has begun creating more hype for the long awaited project. 

With the success of her previous single, Maki Flow has obtained over seven million streams on listening platforms. Her song was promoted in Amazing Radio, The Stumble Upon and Chalkpit Records, among others, and the short wait for her next single was full of excitement and curiosity. 

Everything I’m Not is Maki’s anthem and healing call for anyone who’s struggled or is currently struggling to love themselves. The song was written by Maki Flow and Hannah Boleyn, and produced by the singer as well. 

After realizing her self-worth and finding joy in being independent in Better Off Alone, Everything I’m Not deals with insecurities that are usually born out of one’s own thoughts. 

The song talks about the desire to be someone with an easier-to-love personality; a person with characteristics that are admired and praised by the majority. At the same time, there are also mentions of one’s physical appearance, since whether we use a smile to pretend joy or use makeup to hide the imperfections on our skin and the bags underneath out eyes, gained from late nights full of overthinking, both are the same as using a mask to hide who we truly are and the characteristic of ourselves we’re the most insecure about. 

As the song keeps listing Maki Flow’s wishes to be someone different, a spark of relatability and unity begins to shine and slowly wash away some of those negative thoughts. Disregarding the sadness in the lyrics, the song manages to highlight the fact that everyone has some sort of insecurity; even people who could be considered flawless might have someone else they admire. It’s a reminder that we’re never truly alone, that overcoming the darkest thoughts is possible and it can create a worthy memory. 

“’Everything I’m Not’ is the most honest song I’ve ever released and the one that is closest to my heart at the moment. It brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it because it reminds me of a time when I was really struggling loving myself. I’ve always been a very insecure girl and I have this tendency of feeling out of place everywhere I go – It takes me a while to adjust to new situations and I always have this annoying voice in my head trying to tell me I am the loser in the room.

We all have those bad days, sometimes you just need to go through them to pick yourself up. I’m glad I wrote that song, it’s a reminder I can turn those bad moments into something magical, like a song and I hope it can help people to feel less lonely whenever they feel they’re not enough.”

In Everything I’m Not, Maki Flow uses her fears and past to create an environment of support and appreciation. The pain felt in the past slowly becomes something inspirational who can bring yourself and others around you motivation and strength. Her powerful message arrives in the form of an uplifting pop song that will definitely be looped by lovers of pop and anyone who understands the words in Maki’s heart.

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