Njordlyd “Circles”

Today I’d like to introduce something completely different for you, dear readers. It’s an exciting new single by a Danish artist, who crafts sounds of developing universes and layers of alternate timelines and puts them into immersive storytelling songs. It’s an escape from the daily life for sure!

Njordlyd is the electronic music alias of Denmark-based musician and producer C. Faarwang.
For him, music has played an important part in his life ever since he took up music listening at the age of 11. From then on, he became a part of several underground projects, collaborations and releases, which was followed by a long period of self-discovery, creating music and finding an own sound. That incubation period lasted til 2014 when he took up the alias Njordlyd and he started releasing music soon after.
Drawing inspirations from a wide range of experimenting artists such as Biosphere, Burial and the Future Sound of London, his songs become long immersive journeys flowing through the layered and patterned landscapes full of unforeseen creatures. It sounds like they could be both a representation of a completely new world, but they also carry the echoes of this decaying layer of our everyday surroundings.

The collection of Njordlyd’s sonic worlds has got a new addition, a track called Circles. It’s a long meditative piece full of evolving soundscapes and miniature happenings taking place on a grand stage. The beginning is more held-back in scale with little things shooting past like fleeting thoughts until a much more all-encompassing change when the sound becomes majestic with these slow chords and the echoing deep booms that feel like collisions taking place several hundred miles away. Everything in this track is immersive, detailed, flowing and oh so layered.
I love how there’s something happening in all ranges, including the very low end!

My music is a sort of journey, especially this track, as well as it is very detailed, something you can keep on listening to and either discover new details or other dimensions in the track.

“Especially for this track: The amount of layers, I have not yet mentioned that, but could be something to mention? The track consists out of almost 40 layers (individual tracks), where some layers are the same but e.g. reversed, different panning or effect. This is how I managed to get what I wanted in the track. At some point of time in the tracks I have 15-20 layers going.

The music of Njordlyd is definitely something that should be listened to on a good pair of speakers or headphones. I would recommend doing it the Pitchblack Playback way – played out loud in a dark room sat in a comfortable chair, maybe even blindfolded if you like. His musical universe is really a pleasure to listen to!

Njordlyd is also working on another new release which, if things go well, should be out later this year!

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