Wax practice feat. kate rogers – “The volume”

Deep, dark, and under, today’s new single arrives in perfect time for all of those eagerly waiting to return to the dance floors. Dynamic and perfectly crafted, “The Volume” is a techno/deep-house track perfectly suited for your night-life endeavours. So get ready, and turn up the volume.

Wax Practice is a techno and house music project made by music producer and musician, Steve Woodzell. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Steve has been working on this project for a while, but just now he’s preparing for his second release. “I’m hoping to connect with bloggers in the scene, and get this new tune in front of some new fans.” – Wax Practice.

The Volume is a collaboration with Kate Rogers, lead singer of the Shoegaze duo, Bad Bloom. Filled with harmonic-rich elements, upbeat tempo and tight low end, The Volume is meant to transmit the lament of the uncomfortable silence created in the music scene by the pandemic and the empty city streets. Despite being 7 minutes long the song flows seamlessly with dynamics that shift between sweet/mild melodies, and hard-hitting percussions.

A vocal track infused with alt-rock ingredients and impressionistic lyrics, built over a bass-heavy techno track that swirls between hazy synths, modulating sectors, and filtered harmonies.

Steve Woodzell started making music in the mid90s when he was in middle-school. At first covering a lot of different genres, Steve later realized he wanted to focus on dance music (house/techno/disco), “the kind of stuff my friends and I spend our nights vibing out to at parties.” – WP.

He started making these tracks back in 2013-14 but came to the conclusion they weren’t interesting enough, and weren’t fully representing what he wanted to convey. Last year, after coming up with 150 random ideas over the years, he was finally able to pick a couple of them and finish them up. “I had to rebrand the project due to an already-taken artist name, so it became Wax Practice and I released my first EP, 3L1, on New Years Day 2021.

Collaboration with Kate Rogers bloomed as Woodzell had previously listened to her with other projects along the years, but fell in love with what she was doing with Bad Bloom. “She has an awesome kind of 90s-rock vocal tone, and a really cool atmospheric melodic sensibility, and is using it to great effect fronting that band.” Woodzell thought it would be interesting to mix her vocal style into the context of a deep house / techno track, and so they did. Spoiler alert, it sounds pretty great. The EP release also includes a blissed out VIP mix, and a heavy-hitting, anthemic remix from Queens-based producer silÓÒett.

The vibe of the track changed a number of times while I was feeling out the best approach to the instrumental, but what we landed on is a combination of deep house rhythm, a semi-abstract bassline inspired by stuff like Dirty Bird and Maceo Plex, and then a pretty drifty, nostalgic layer of melodies on top of that, supporting Kate’s vocals.” – Wax Practice

Woodzell tries to convine elements from diverse influences as he can while trying to push the envelope a little bit on the production, as he was raised in the weirdness of 90s electronic music. “Experimentation is central to electronic music for me, so even if I’m doing a pretty straight ahead club track like “The Volume”, I still want to try and dig a bit deeper for some interesting sounds or unconventional ideas.” – WP

For a first-time listener, Wax Practice is about hitting you with good old four-to-the-floor thump, taking cues from the masters of dance music past and present, and then opening up an expansive atmosphere of diverse and unpredictable sounds for you to dive into while you vibe the night away.

Woodzell hopes to put a smile on the faces of fellow 80s/90s kids who grew up on Leftfield, the Chemical Brothers, and Underworld, and provide a new niche of gratifying and escapist sounds for people who may just be getting into the scene.

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