Jacqueline Loor “Burn It Down”

Pretending to be someone else is something many of us is familiar with. Conforming to society’s norms or blending in with a group, this feels like the right way to live, but what is it with the feeling of disappointment…
With this in mind, it’s time to introduce a new powerful single, a message addressing that painful disappointment and a song to break out of the facade to!

Jacqueline Loor, a Tenerife-based singer-songwriter, is a master at writing beautiful dark pop melodies driven by the emotions deep within all of us. The artist seeks to heal us listeners with her music, shining new light onto the mess of our feelings. Fearless at representing the emotions, Jacqueline’s voice can both be damp from tears or celebrating life. The super relatable lyrics sung by her powerful voice, and deep well-crafted cinematic sound make her music both thought-provoking and emotionally healing, and a pleasure to listen to.

She’s been very busy this year so far – she has two previous blog entries, one about the very emotional “Carry Through” and the other one for the heartbreak tune called “I Broke My Heart”. Today she’s back again, ready to surprise us with her new single!

The new song, titled “Burn It Down” is a cinematic and very dark song telling a story of a person who has lost their character forcibly by society, their true being hidden behind the facade of someone else. Jacqueline’s masterful skill at bringing out a huge range of emotions shines once again.

“Burn It Down” begins with her quiet voice, somber and holding back the aggressive note of a person who is disappointed in the world. But as they build courage to burn it all down and break free, the song takes on an epic scale, flooding the listener with goosebumps. This song makes you feel the pain of being surrendered and trying to escape, the huge amount of determination and an equal feel of relief. Through all that, it reminds us listeners that the power needed to break free and be who we truly are is within all of us.

“Burn It Down” also marks an important breakthrough for the artist – it’s the first official sync placement for Jacqueline and this song will be heard during an important scene in Batwoman, a superhero series on the CW. I can only imagine what impact this song will have on the scene, but I am sure it will be amazing!

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