Snap Infraction – “Second Chance”

Somedays it may be hard to get a second chance, but not today. The moment you’ve been waiting for is here, wrapped up in beautiful harmonies and soft rock vibes. So catch your breath, lay back, and listen to Snap Infraction’s brand new single: “Second Chance”.

10 years in the making, Second Chance was written and then forgotten until just recently, when Snap Infraction decided to revisit it and give it a new air with new sections and lyrics. A soft rock tune influenced by the sounds of Supergrass, Sloan, Jellyfish, Elliot Smith and The Beatles, this song covers the universal theme of redemption. “We all make mistakes and sometimes just need a second chance to make things better.” – Snap Infraction.

Snap infraction is a duo made up by Steve Karsch on vocals, guitars and piano, and Tony Iannuzzi on drums. They like their rock the old fashioned way, with drums, guitars, vocal harmonies and a smidge of piano for good measure. Having met many years ago, when Tony was in a high school band with Steve’s older brother, the duo has played many songs with many bands in many bars, making Snap Infraction an extension of their musical brain and endeavour.

Starting with an oscillating synth, Second Chance quickly follows with piano and vocals; lyrics penetrate through with energy and passion. A mix of wandering guitars, echoing voices and fluffy bass permeates the room. A smooth but energetic delivery transports you to a far away land made up of soft grass, and vibrant colors. You can even imagine a blue moon rising to the top, as rivers of bliss go down the chocolate-topped mountains. Beautiful on every level.

“Second Chance” is a song about someone who’s lost their way, made some mistakes and is looking for redemption, or a way out, and is feeling rather helpless.” – Snap Infraction

Despite all that, Second Chance seems to settle down the listener and show him his/her way back home.

Snap Infraction likes to keep a DIY attitude. They record and mix each song themselves on their own home-studios. Tom Volpicelli from the Mastering House mastered the tracks.

This song is their second single, following previous single “Too Much Fun“, of a planned six single for 2021. Their first (and last) live performance was at the International Pop Overthrow festival in Philly in 2017.

Snap Infraction is aware of the challenges of the past year and how artists have been pushed to doing remote recording sessions and bedroom studios, etc. They’ve been doing that since before being forced to due to some global virus. “In fact, the drum session for “Second Chance” took place before the pandemic and consisted of a Zoom call where Steve held up signs so Tony could see what sections of the song were coming up next. It was like a drum teleprompter!

Tony and Steve like to make the kind of music they’d like to hear, and it is quite clear to me that they listen to some really great music. So please don’t forget to support and to follow them on InstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube, and Spotify. You can also check out their official website.  If you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support, you can download it on Bandcamp

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