St. Loreto “TGO”

Today’s fast-paced world, full of people hurrying and trying their best to be ahead of the game, is an exhausting place to live in. While the pandemic stopped the speed a little, giving people time to reevaluate, there’s an exciting new single out which really puts a question mark to all that hurrying. Read on to learn more about the third single of St. Loreto, both an important thought-provoking message and a wonderful new addition to your fresh music!

St. Loreto, hailing from Miami, is a young artist making a unique blend of r&b. Born in Mexico and raised in Miami, he was exposed to a variety of cultures since forever. Music became an integral part of his childhood as he grew up being a fan of the then-popular emo-punk and following local hip-hop scenes. His first guitar gifted by his father perhaps even sealed his musical future.

Established r&b acts like PartyNextDoor and The Weeknd gave him faith in success with alternative sound, and inspired him to create his own sound. St. Loreto’s music is where his musical inspirations become one to create a tasteful combination of dark beats and smooth atmosphere driven by his true-to-life lyrics.

St. Loreto has previously released two singles – the guitar-driven and soulful “Therapy” and dark flowing tune called “Cali King”. Today, he is back with a second release of the year, and once more he shows the diversity of his craft.

The sound of a true analog clock, ticking at an everlasting pace, begins the song. This sound, and the timeless statement “Time Goes On”, run throughout the pleasant atmosphere in this r&b tune. Instead of hurrying to race against time, the song feels calming, full of those vibing chords and his falsetto adds that extra spark that just makes you want to hit replay.
A well-crafted reminder to stop running aimlessly, “TGO” is not about racing the time, but raising the importance of living life the way that makes you happy. It encourages to take time to build things that last, and stop seeking for approval of others, but pursue personal happiness.
While being such a needed message in today’s fast-paced world, the song has such a sweet warmth and it keeps on getting better with each listen. Perfect song to take a timeout and reflect to!

There is much more exciting content to come according to the artist, so keep your ears peeled!

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