THs “New reality”

We’re glad to announce that psychedelic rock band THS have released another great single, entitled “New Reality,” from their upcoming EP.

THS are Dave Trupia – Bass, Lead Vocals, Michael Sciotto – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals, and Brian Hauff – Guitars. As three long-time friends and fine musicians, they decided to make the most of the pandemic by recording an EP; as they write, “What else would you do, but create some good music.” Together, THS play an original sound, unlike any that of any other bands.

Prior to releasing “New Reality,” THS have released four other singles from their upcoming EP, including “What Would You Do” (for which you can read our review here), “Comin At Me 2020,” “Down The Rabbit Hole” and “Just Cant Seem To.” Their EP was recorded at Elliptical Sound Studio (Michael Sciotto – Producer, Dave Trupia – Co-Producer, Composer, Brian Hauff – Composer).

As THS explain the inspiration behind their new single, “New Reality is a song that unfortunately has been more relevant than ever these days. It was originally based on a real life co worker who despised coming to work and started hating on all his co workers for no reason other than he had a very pessimistic personality and felt he had nothing going for him, despite the fact that he was married with a beautiful child and had a decent job. It just wasn’t enough. This concept however grew into a heavier subject of random mass shootings, criminal violence and what the motivation behind it could be. Is it to get famous? Is it due to hatred of someone different? Is it mental health not being addressed? The after effects creates a New Reality for the person behind the decision and the people left behind. Musically it is derived from 90s hard rock, IE: Nirvana or Aerosmith’s (Janies got a gun) The bridge in the song if you can imagine is the moment mental conflict has won and has beaten down peaceful reality and has now created a new reality..

And describing the ethos behind “New Reality,” the band write “Imagine if you will everyday being a bad day, nothing goes your way, ever, being a kid sucks, being an adult sucks, how long before it takes you over the edge and into the realm of violence..

“New Reality” starts with a vocal sample, foreshadowing the lyrical topics that are explored in the track: “People who do terrible things seem to be just like everyone else, until the day they cross into the realm of criminal violence.” Bright keyboards and electric guitar then begin the song with upbeat melodies, blending nicely with the grooving bass and precise drumming, and juxtaposing with the dark lyrical themes. The track transitions perfectly between the smooth cadence of the verses and the captivating choruses; and midway through, it features a brief yet inspired guitar solo, which is underscored by the vocal harmony quite well. At its conclusion, “New Reality” fades out, as a brilliant lead guitar riff complements the melody of the repeating vocals rather nicely.

Overall, THS’s new single is a highly dynamic track that showcases their excellent musicianship and creative compositional skills; and at the same time that “New Reality” is increasingly relevant to current events, it is also a highly enjoyable listen. I would definitely recommend this track to fans of indie-, hard-, and soft rock.

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