Cactus on a wall – Given time

Young spirit, new town, unknown faces. The struggle to adapt to a new environment can be challenging, specially when you’re young. “Given Time” is young musical promises, Cactus On a Wall’s, first single, a chill indie-rock tune that tackles the feelings of loneliness in a new community. The Beach Boys would be proud.

Cactus on a Wall is a fairly new music project created by Judah Bouma and Peyton Ogle. Judah is a singer-songwriter who plays the lead guitar, bass guitar and piano, and Peyton is a singer, rhythm guitarist and also a bass player.

They both met each other after Judah moved into the small town of Lynden Washington in the fall of 2020. They started playing music together in late fall and eventually formed a band and played in live gigs.

Their music is inspired and influenced mainly by jazzy indie/alternative music. Some of the artists they find inspiration from are Sufjan Stevens, Ritt Momney, FKJ, and Nick Leng.

Even though their still in high school, the talent this duo has is real, maybe even a bit mature for their age. Keeping a 70s style sound, their compositions resemble those of the greats back in the day. Clean, vintage-sounding guitars, simple melodies, upbeat drums and walking bass support Judah’s greatly written lyrics and voice.

Given Time, as I said, has a very mature vibe to the lyrics, but still keeps the fresh spirit of these younglings. Quite amazing if you ask me. The song covers Judah’s feelings of loneliness, the loss of old relationships, and trying to find a place in a new community.

This specific single was inspired by Alternative Rock. The straightforward chord progression is made interesting by the funky and upbeat bassline, in addition to a lead guitar part.” – COAW

The single was recorded at MagicMix studios in Seattle, Washington, and was mixed and mastered by Deron Daum. It was also independently released.

Peyton was so nervous and his hands were shaking so much for the first hour in the studio that it took a million tries to play his guitar part.” – Judah

The duo believes that the only thing you need is a good friend and good tunes, everything else is extra, and we’re so happy they found each other ’cause otherwise we wouldn’t be hearing this beautifully made song. Straight to the personal playlist.

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