Red Skies Mourning “Light of Mine”

Journey of life is full of highs and lows. The highs almost make you fly, but the lows could get you stuck in doubt. When one starts to doubt in the path they’ve chosen and maybe even regret their decisions, it may suck the light out of the day. Thus I’m glad to introduce a shiny new single, a glorious rock tune with a hugely encouraging message which is about to wipe away your clouds of doubt!

Red Skies Mourning is a fresh solo rock project of Chris Aleshire, hailing from Baltimore. Driven by the timeless sounds of pop and rock, Red Skies Mourning explores the deep layers of emotions. While the core is dark and full of self-doubt, his songs shine with celestial levels of hope and light, his messages gaining wings from both his awe-inspiring singing voice and the glorious classic rock riffs. Drawing inspirations from names like Chris Cornell and Layne Staley, the music of Red Skies Mourning is a delightful combination of classic sounds of rock interlaced with modern production. All that given personal energy and lyrical weight by the artist, this man’s project is a wonderful uplifting musical experience.

Red Skies Mourning has previously released two singles – “Signs from You”, a debut with hope and a strong message shining over a dark life event, and an introspective “How Can I Believe?” full of great riffs. The artist has now released a third single to add to the collection of bright-sounding rock tunes.

Reflecting the journey of life with all of its ups and downs, this song looks into the feelings one might get when you start wondering whether you’ve made the right choices. At first, the lyrics are full of doubt while he’s “staggering down this path”, but as the story develops, it becomes a soaring tune full of positive energy. An encouragement to find your inner light, the song is aptly named “Light of Mine” and it flows on the echoing warm melodies. “Don’t look back in doubt because it won’t help,” says the song and then elevates: “find your inner light to guide you on your journey through life!

“Light of Mine” will soon be accompanied by a fabulous modern remix, set to release in coming months.

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