Broadtree “Feeling Bad. Feeling Better.”

Canadian pop-country duo Broadtree display emotional depth and creativity in their newest album, ‘Feeling Bad. Feeling Better.’

The story of Broadtree begins when theatre performers Armand Antony and Nicole McCafferty are left feeling empty after losing the ability to dedicate themselves to their passion during lockdown. With this new change in their life leaving them no option but to find a different creative outlet and pastime, the duo formerly known as A & N found comfort in crafting their own music; slowly, they fell in love with writing songs that allow them to express a wide range of experiences and open up about mental illnesses, relationships, and stories from their performances. 

Released on April 9th, Feeling Bad. Feeling Better. is a unique blend of their passions, worries, hidden thoughts and their joy. 

Feeling Bad. Feeling Better. was an unintentionally country album. The tracks contain a musical feel and mixes country, rock and pop elements that feel perfect for the upcoming summer and, once it’s allowed again, going on a road trip with friends or traveling to a new place. 

As the duo was only rebranded after quarantine began, the album was written in the midst of the pandemic at the conclusion of the overwhelming year known as 2020. The experiences of losing their industry and true love, the difficulties stacked up against them in the blink of an eye and the strain the distance and gloom had over their relationship with others and themselves, the album became their beacon of hope. It has the intended purpose of working as a ray of light that guides people out of the darkest moments in life. 

An interesting details about the dynamic portrayed in the songs is the fact that they all have a call-and-answer style, where the listeners get to experience intimate conversations Antony and McCafferty have with each other as they slowly accept this new world, find their place in it, and start over ready to take full control of their lives again. 

Broadtree talks in more detail about this style of songwriting, mentioning as well how the songs were all written in Antony’s apartment as soon as they decided to do this project. 

“Our songs, while having traces of our experiences, always have characters that we build. We take a story we might have from our own lives and build a world where these two people may live, what they do, who they are – and then write the song based on what. It’s a fun and creative way to write and it’s what’s led to our style that’s proven to be quite unique: songs written like musical theatre over pop country — it sounds a little ridiculous, but it works so well once you start to hear how we weave these stories into songs.”

Containing eleven tracks and with each one of them exploring a different moment, feeling, or concept, Feeling Bad, Feeling Better is a compilation of pain, kindness, self-doubt, self-improvement, loss, and love. The album is a superb collection of the most important moments in their lives, and will most definitely still hold up years into the future.

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