“We do what we do ’cause it keeps us going” Challenging times require a certain push for us to be able to stand our ground and stay on track. Today, Robby and The Secret, a trio of producers and musicians from the Netherlands, have brought us a light to shine our paths, a light that Keeps Us Going.

Robby and The Secret are an Amsterdam based trio made up by Rob Klerkx on vocals, ac guitar, piano, and drums; Ruard Sanders on guitars; and Edwin van Mook on keys. The have been active for 10 years now but have been pros since the 90s.

Influenced by Americana, Grunge, Psychedelic film music, Alternative pop, and Psychedelic rock, the band finds inspiration in bands and artists like Pink Floyd, Nick Cave, Ryan Adams, Ray Lamontagne, Mark Lanegan, Pearl Jam, The Black Crowes, and Sigur Ros.

Their music may be cataloged as spiritual or pure, as they search for an authentic feeling of freedom, both in their lives and their music. Driven by their own experiences in life; stories of love, loss and happiness; Robby and The Secret love to give each moment meaning through melodies, harmonies, rhythm and words.

Keeps Us Going is a soft-rock style track, with ambient pads, emotion-filled vocals, heavenly guitars and hard hitting pianos. A slow, developing anthem that searches for truth under our human struggles. Nostalgic, sensitive and heart-warming, Keeps Us Going is as sensitive as it is pristine. “A mix of rootsy guitars, poetic lyrics and strong dynamics.

The Secret likes to let music speak, and they’re always searching for new boundaries in pop and rock. Inspired by the grassland of North Holland, they’ve traveled with their music from Amsterdam to LA, and from Seattle to Nashville to find their own roots in music, enjoying the use of music to write new stories.

They are a collective of experienced musicians with a unique sound and no rules or boundaries in music. Finding inspiration both in dreams and reality, music is everything for them and they love to explore in the secret field of music which they call The Secret.

A captivating mix between sweet, soft and cinematic, but at the same time threatening and a bit dangerous, The Secret’s music is one of a kind. So, please don’t forget to support this project and to follow on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Spotify. You can also check out their official website. It also helps to stream and share their music; you can obviously find it in the following Playlists:  Less Than 1,000 Followers, Chill – Folk – Acoustic, and Fresh Singles.

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