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Technology, it’s fun, right? With its hands tightly wrapped over our heads like a rubber band… or a VR set. What could possibly go wrong? Big Fun’s brand new single cover this theme and how humanity tends to incline towards collective thinking (like everyone following instructions to a dance move). Rubberband is a synth-rock tune that sounds big, and fun.

Big Fun is a quite peculiar and colorful trio made up by Nasty Kathy (keytar), Beef Angel (bass) and BingBong (drums). The three of them have been playing and jamming together since second grade and feel inclined towards electronica and “Big bOOTY Rock and Roll”.

They rely on the use of synthesizers and a very big wall of sound. The released their first single, Tiny Wurld in 2019, which was then followed by their first album: Happy Scary. Mixing elements from everything like electronica to industrial rock, the trio keeps a very unique, playful and explorative sound.

Rubberband is the first song off of their new album OOGLEY BOOGLEY, set for release on June 5th. It is an in-your-face synth-rock tune with an electronic beat backbone. Dynamic, forth-going and a bit of techno infused, this song is sure to make you stand up and burn away any piece of technologic gear you have at hand while you dance the day away.

Not for the faint of heart.

Highly interesting and quite unconventional this trio makes the music that they want just the way they like it. Either if it’s punk, electronica or industrial-rock, Big Fun is a one of a kind endeavour, filled with quirky elements, weird-ass photos and flaming hot pants.

We’d like to tell you more, but there’s not much more we know from these refined individuals, either way their music is great if you’re into weird s**t, like I am. Big and fun, that’s about it.

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