Al Shalliker, “The Voyage”

April 23, 2021

My fellow music enthusiasts, it is such a pleasure to have you back for this New Music Friday release! Rest assured that we’ve got an exceptional track to share with you, as we’ll be covering the second single by contemporary alt-folk artist Al Shalliker!!

Al Shalliker is a singer-songwriter and musician from Plymout, England. His musical career goes back to 1995, year in which prolific band Watershed debuted with the album “Moves” (Al was the band’s lead songwriter for over 20 years). He is now producing music as a solo artist, with his debut album “Silver Linings” to be released on 26th April 2021. Watershed’s early music was heavily influenced by reggae and soul, yet the evolution of Al’s songwriting over the course of two decades led their sound into a more folk-rock direction.

The Voyage” is a song full of raw emotion, a meditation about love, life, time and fate. Al explores the depths of human experience while evoking a nocturnal atmosphere and the warm feeling of a campfire amidst the desert; he invites us to observe the vastness of inner life, to reflect on experiences from times past and to acknowledge the uncertainty of days to come. The melancholic melodies in this track reflect the process of pain’s transmutation into joy, with powerful outbursts of feeling palpable on his harmonica playing and singing. A simple instrumentation accompanies the lyrical narrative, allowing the listener to be carried away by Al’s insightful poem.

“‘The Voyage’ is the second single from Al Shalliker’s 2021 debut solo album, ‘Silver Linings’. An infectious alt-folk song with an evocative, modern narrative, ‘The Voyage’ relates to some of the difficulties we encounter as we journey through life.”


The upcoming solo album by Al will reveal more of the new material he’s been working on, while also featuring several guest musicians; we can expect “Silver Linings” to fully capture his very personal musical vision and unique narratives, an art perfected by a lifetime of explorations. Following up on his debut single “Where All The Music Comes From”, “The Voyage” keeps on raising the bar with the promise of an album as beautiful and expressive as this single; we certainly recommend you to keep an eye on that release. In the meantime, be sure to enjoy this amazing song!!


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