Aonian – “hideout”

When everything seems chaotic, we tend to find a place of our own where we feel safe. Our Sanctum Sanctorum, if you might. One might believe that our hideouts are better off far away from everyone, but in light of recent events, the pandemic and isolation, this conception of staying away from the world has changed meaning. Is our hideout really a self-isolating event, or is it in shared, communal experiences?

Today’s artist and producer, Aonian, explores the answers in his new single, “Hideout“.

Aonian is the moniker of Greek and London based music producer, Alkis Livathinos. Mixing downtempo with trippy dance electronica and Mediterranean sounds, his music is fit for all of those exotic-sounds music lovers.

With a newly found love for ethnomusicology, Aonian seeks to pay homage to his homeland’s past and present, while remaining loyal to an ever-changing cultural identity. Having written music for big media and brands like Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Glossier, HP, and others, he has already established a trusted reputation as a composer.

Hideout is Aonian’s second single from his upcoming debut album, and his quest to reconnect his roots and sounds with a sense of familiarity and safety. A mix of traditional folk with organic elements and downtempo music, Hideout appeals to fans of both neoclassical and technomusic.

“The motif was written on the Oud, but I then recorded it on the piano where it took a
completely different form, and I ended up adding organic percussive elements built from
places and memories of my motherland. I wanted to bring out a sense of familiarity and
safety from those sounds and melodies, a feeling that I fear has been missing this last
year from our lives.”
– Aonian

Borrowing sounds and memories from his homeland, Aonian used percussion elements recorded near his family village in Greece, as well as moments of meditative improvisations on the piano in a pandemic era locked down studio in London. Exotic and refined, the song succeeds to bring past and present into one single entity, where worlds collide in a harmonious dance.

His previous single “Ascent” was placed amongst Indie Shuffle’s Hot Picks, received a recent remix supported by DJ John Digweed as well as The Rattle collective in London. The video was created by Hollywood VFX Artist Joshua Guillaume.

His album also received positive private feedback by artists such as Caribou, Janus Rasmussen (Kiasmos), Alex Banks, and more.

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