Hip-hop ain’t a stranger to drugs and death. Sadly we’ve witness many of their greatest exponents pass away due to the pressure and madness of both their lives and the music industry. Young Dublin hip-hop artist, J.F.O. is searching his away around it while at the same time exploring its complications. His new single “Amnesia” is a heart-felt emo-rap tune sure to crawl under the listeners skin.

18 year old rapper, J.F.O (Jason O’Toole), is a Dublin, Ireland based artist who with the help of his old friend and producer Dante has seen an increasing amount of success since his debut single ‘Come Over When You’re Sober’, receiving national airplay on Newstalk in 2020.

He has also reached over 135,000 streams across Spotify and Soundcloud, and gained the support of Tom Dunne on The Tom Dunne Show (106.0FM Newstalk, Ireland), as well as Across the Line Introducing (92-95FM BBC Radio Ulster) with Gemma Bradley.

“Amnesia” borrows both from contemporary emo-trap music and from 90s heavy rock and punk. With all of his favorite artist dead, that being Juice Wrld and Mac Miller, as well as Nirvana and Sex Pistols, J.F.O searches for redemption in the Dublin’s city night life. Exposed to drugs, self-doubt, and love loss, J.F.O tries to maintain a sense of hope.

A suddenly increasingly popular young artist, J.F.O is wise enough to see the difficulties inherent in learning to create music in a space which has not always succeeded in championing the mental health of its practitioners.”

J.F.O tackles the expectations adults have on young people to succeed, and questions the poor personal health and mental well-being seemingly required for success.

“It’s a big thing in hip-hop. Death. So I’m trying to navigate that, seeing the complications […] I don’t wanna die but I think that I have to” – J.F.O

The song was produced and recorded by Marlon Dantè Ingle ( @13lacklisted ) in House of
Axe, 138 E Coast Rd, Singapore.

J.F.O’s sophomore mixtape, “love the way u hurt me” is set for release in April 2021. It will
be the first of a series of ‘moodtapes’ crafted to portray key moments in Jason’s life, detailing
the life of a young and aspiring hip-hop artist in Ireland.

He is fast gaining a reputation for his refreshing sincerity, and his heartfelt approach to hip-hop.

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