New single – Thrusday 22nd April 2021

A new single and an empowering call to hold and keep going

After a short break, Peace Love And Gloves are back and they have crafted their best music to date. Their latest effort is a social commentary on life close to home, it’s personally driven but it has a message and a chorus that reaches much further afield and has even more significance in these surreal times we all find ourselves living in right now.

Peace Love And Gloves are 4 best friends and self taught musicians. The instrumentation and melody of this song is mighty impressive. All the parts come together wonderfully, it has been very well produced, the backing vocals work like a charm and and there is a real cohesion and chemistry between the band members that can be heard here. Looking to bring something different to the music world, what you get from Peace Love And Gloves is unpredictability, variety and contrasting styles – sometimes you will get indie rock and at other times hip hop and even pop. ‘Hold on’ is a hip hop track coming from a predominantly indie driven band – the live indie rock feel really shines through. This is a refreshing, positive, daring and upbeat take on British hip hop. Accompanied by a high-quality video promo that has been expertly edited and executed, ‘Hold On’ is all set to be Peace Love And Gloves biggest hit to date.

A video insight – underprivileged areas, childhood heartbreak & difficulties – reshaped into positive messages

“Don’t let me slip into this darkness now
Don’t let me slip into these dark, cold days
Hold me tight, don’t let me slip
Keep holding on”

Blurring the genres between indie rock, brit rock, and hip-hop – Peace Love And Gloves love to perform live

‘Hold On’ is newfangled, buoyant, bullish, hopeful and incredibly catchy. I’m not big on comparisons – it can be unfair to compare artists to other artists, especially in the instance of bands that are trying to establish themselves that don’t want to be pigeon-holed – and Peace Love And Gloves are definitely a band of that ilk. But sometimes in an attempt to ‘sell’ a song or artist, if a few comparisons help to get you to the point where you’re more inclined to go and listen, then it has been a worthwhile exercise. So try to imagine Mike Shinoda fronting a melodic, indie-rock band or with less imagination required – recall the laid-back sounds of prime Chili Peppers and that sunny Californian vibe. Somewhere in between those two things you will find this almost seemingly effortless and excellent song. Peace Love And Gloves are back and they are a band on the rise – mark them as one to keep an eye on and an ear out for.

Tight-knit instrumentation and a main chorus that hits home now more than ever – check it out for yourself right now!

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