Finding the ideal partner for you can be a heck of a job, you may feel attracted to the outside but not so much to the inside, or viceversa. Today’s artist, Erick Beau has seen it all (you can take a look to his previous release here); beautiful smiles and hungry eyes; but what he really wants to know is if a lady has got What It Takes.

A singer/songwriter from Canada, Erick Beau has been working on his craft for years, and today’s song is the culmination of all his efforts. Lawyer by trade but a singer/songwriter at heart, Erick has taken his time to express his music to the world.

What It Takes is the last fourth single from his upcoming debut EP, “What It Takes” and was made at a time when Erick was single and looking for the right woman for him. Surfing through dating apps, like many singles, Erick started the long process to find the woman of his dreams.

“The songs is addressed to the ladies I have met then. They were very beautiful outside but did they have what it takes on the inside was more my question.” Beau

Erick wanted to see beyond the outside appearance and search for a woman of substance that had it together, with a great energy and a sense of adventure. You can hear in the song as he questions his dates if they’d follow him around the world, you can even hear the responses of a certain lady!

What It Takes is very roots infused, with a melodic harmonica and a present banjo. It’s a feel good summer song meant to make the listener feel good. And it does!

The song was made in collaboration with Hubert Payne, drummer for Little Big Town, Grammy nominee producer Eric Torres and other top Nashville sessions musicians (Andy Ellison on steel).

At the end of the song Erick sings, “Yes, we have what it takes”, a line that suggests that he, indeed, found the woman he was searching for. We hope you did Erick!

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