Jesse Brady “Happiness Block”

Feeling sad, hopeless and unable to figure out why? Don’t worry – there’s a new single out that can help you figure out the mess of feelings within. Read on to learn more about this fresh tune that lends a hand to help you find that ray of hope!

Jesse Brady is a young and singer-songwriter living in Nashville. She has just begun releasing music this year, but music has been a huge part of her life since early childhood. Her grandpa unlocked the world of music when he made up songs on the spot to entertain the little child. Driven by the power of music of music, she found a vessel to express herself with authenticity. And thus, writing music has been her passion since forever. She would make songs out of everyday things with her mom, and pour her feelings and thoughts into song lyrics as she grew older.

The healing and therapeutic nature of music is well known for Jesse, and that carries on to her releases. Powered by the uplifting feel-good harmonies, her true-to-heart lyrics speaking about feelings and events we all can relate to easily reach out to touch the listener. Charged with positive “all will be just fine” vibes, her music becomes a ray of sun on a rainy day and a warm presence of a friend in cold times. It’s also impossible not to tap your toe to the beat!

The fresh artist has recently come out with her debut single. It’s called “Transformations”, it tells a story about big changes whilst growing up and you can read more about that song by clicking here.

Today she has a new song ready to release. Her second single, titled “Happiness Block“, reveals the artist’s much more intimate and vulnerable side. The stripped back acoustic production allows her gentle voice and poetic lyrics to bring out and dissect all of that emotional baggage. Comparing the feeling of unhappiness with lying down on cold concrete pavement on a sunny day, the lyrics are honest, pure and simple representation of how it feels to be displeased with inability to be happy.

Written during a period of sadness, uncertainty and feeling stuck, Jesse has channeled all of those feelings into lyrics and melodies, turning the song into a heavily relatable and emotional story. This state of being unable to feel happy is something everyone has had to battle with and “Happiness Block” has delicately unravelled all of this, offering solace to all of us currently troubled with the sad.

This single is one of many songs Jesse Brady has written with producer Bill McDermott. Keep your eyes peeled and follow her, because she is getting ready to release more fresh tunes!

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