Not Now Norman “Shut your mouth”

We’re glad to announce that Berwick-upon-Tweed based hard rock band Not Now Norman have released a new classic rock single, “Shut Your Mouth,” that shines with Thin Lizzy-esque influences.

Not Now Norman are Northumberland’s very own rock- powerhouse, fronted by the formidable Taylor-Grace Mitchell, who has quickly gained a reputation as a captivating frontwoman with her phenomenal vocals and theatrical live performance.

Following the success of their two recent singles “Little Cheryl” and “Little Frankenstein”, Not Now Norman have certainly hit the ground running. They now release their latest song “Shut Your Mouth,” which follows the same subject theme as their recent collaborative release, “Run Boy”, on which they worked with Geo Moon (you can read our review of this excellent track here). Not Now Norman show no signs of slowing down, and their new single will undoubtedly add to their momentum further.

Inspired by personal experiences, “Shut Your Mouth” is a symbol of defiance, confidence and strength for many victims and survivors of domestic abuse. Discussing the meaning behind their new track, Taylor writes: “The track is about domestic abuse, the words are everything I wanted to say when my abuser was berating me. The build-up is meant to get people to start shouting ‘shut your mouth’ with the track when the final chorus hits. It’s meant to reignite the fire that victims feel has died when they escape domestic abuse and boost confidence.

The track begins with a punchy guitar riff, and the resounding bass and aggressive drums soon join in along with the commanding vocals. The instruments all complement each other perfectly throughout this classic- and hard rock-influenced track; and at the same time, they represent the lyrical themes in an integral way, each playing a key role in driving home the track’s message. As the band explain, “The cut-throat lyrics embody bottled up anger and pain caused by months of suppression caused by an abuser and directs those emotions at them. The vocals and harmonies are each symbolic and represent many aspects of support and empowerment that many victims leaving need. They also represent other people coming forward about their abusers’ behaviour, and say ‘This person has done this to me as well’ and remind victims they are not alone in their fight.

The bass lines and guitar solos represent the energy of freedom and control that victims have on their lives and reignite the fire that their abusers tried to extinguish. The drums serve as an ‘attack’ on the dwindling control of the abuser and encourages victims to not stay silent. By the end of the track, the listener is encouraged to shout ‘Shut Your Mouth’ and feel themselves once again.

The harmonies are a symbol of both the growing confidence to leave and confront the abuser as well as acting as a symbol of the increasing support of loved ones as well as others coming forward about the abusers behaviour. The tracks continuing build up throughout the track leads listeners to shout the lyrics ‘Shut Your Mouth’ by the end of the track.

Not Now Norman are known for their sassy tones, in-your-face delivery and confrontational lyrics, but “Shut your Mouth” takes it the extra mile. As frontwoman Taylor explains: “If our previous songs hit you, this one will leave you with a concussion.” “Shut Your Mouth” is also a highly enjoyable listen throughout, and I would definitely recommend this track to fans of hard rock bands such as The Pretty Reckless, Foo Fighters, or Halestorm.

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