Romantic Thriller “Doors”

Behind every corner there’s a pair of eyes observing. In every crevicle there’s something to be found. Today there’s a new single out to be discovered, a song that introduces us to the world of magic and menace, expertly crafted to lure and hypnotize by a skilled artist. Get ready to hear some spectacular darkness!

Rebecca Huston, hailing from LA, is a mastering engineer and performance artist, who creates music under the alias Romantic Thriller. Her inspirations come from movies, more specifically film noir, and thus her music takes on a unmissable vibe of darkness, mystery and doom. The layered echoes full of synths oozing of danger combined with her tempting, sweet voice really feel like you’ve just entered a dark film – the world seems grim, there’s danger under every part of this high-contrast place and everyone you see carries the most neurotic smile on their faces. Every sane person would run for their lives, except you’re lured in by the reverb, a trail of sound calling, a sweet voice of destruction.

This is the musical world of Romantic Thriller and what you’re about to experience when you hit play, worded by the artist herself:

“Here is a lil poetry/visualizations I like to include to get the Romantic Thriller energy. It’s very haunted house, murder mystery, sunken treasure.

Romantic Thriller is that feeling when you lose track of time daydreaming about light fixtures that could transform your bedroom into a lost hallway in Sleep No More. When you find a broken iPhone 3 in a desk drawer that belonged to an old fling, someone with perfect hair that you should have probably never met. Maybe you thought it was time to drive up to the hills, to the campgrounds at night, in the winter when no one is camping and the chilled air and dark forest causes you to ponder what it might be like to live in a time when ghosts were around, always alone and searching for a doorway… Maybe you saw an old movie on TCM and admired the light fixtures and ambience. You planned to go on eBay and purchase all of the best vintage chandeliers and goosenecked desk lamps but you always forget and besides, you don’t have a foyer.”

Romantic Thriller is a really captivating sonic experience which is even further expanded by her live performances. With theater-quality staging, the live shows become more than a concert – a gate to the dark yet exciting underworld.

The artist releases a new single today to add to the collection of enchantment – a song called “Doors” which opens a door to a world of magic, mysterious creatures and witchcraft. Enriched by the foggy vibes of magical realms ruled by enchantresses, this hyperpop-infused song gives off an accurate feeling of a person who has landed in such a world seeking to make sense of all this. The echoing vocals of Rebecca shift and flow right towards the listener, weaving between sweet and menacing.

“This track was inspired by a visual of a warrior (me) coming back from a quest and awaiting the praise of the court. Very Game of Thrones, Neverending Story vibes. Very manifesting your success however precarious the journey may be-vibes.”

“Doors” is quite possibly the most intriguing and intimidating song Romantic Thriller has written so far. Fuelled by the artist’s personal quests of getting through the quarantine and moving on from traumatic experience, this tune is surely going to win your attention and a place in your playlist!

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