Songs for Sabotage – “High Fives”

The material world can be frivolous, searching for the attainment of an illusion that will never be real but still killing ourselves anyway because that’s what we’re supposed to do. Songs for Sabotage’s music it’s actually exactly what they deliver, their new single “High Fives” is a gloomy pop ballad that questions our self enslavement in the material pursuit.

Richey Rose & Lina Sophie are a duo based in Los Angeles, CA, with a punk background, but who are centered to deliver both accesible and honest music. Lina has mostly always been in a corporative environment as she works as a creative director, but what really opened her eyes was when se found herself seeking and becoming distracted by others’ monetary or physical goals.

“Like anyone else surviving through this timeline, the past year has shone an even brighter light on existential questions. “The biggest one for me was simply, ‘what’s missing?’… not in a literal sense, but more-so ‘what have I tricked myself into believing I need in order to be happy?’” – Lina Sophie

As the duo puts it, High Fives is about waking from a self-induced coma and refocusing. The coma of addiction to monetary value, growth and the gathering of meaningless objects.

“We’re two adults making pop music in our spare bedroom. We have the resources to improve ourselves mentally and emotionally, and therefore have zero excuse for not doing so. Still, we can’t help but stare at our phones and allow the world to make us feel like shit sometimes. For me, High Fives is all about being stuck in that moment… existential dread, self-deprecation, FOMO… whatever you want to call it. The song’s perspective is written from the moment just before you snap yourself out of it.” – Richey Rose

Written and produced at their home studio in Los Angeles earlier this year, High Fives is their first release since their debut album Night of Joy was dropped last September.

SFS are also starting to move away from being a guitar-based band, they are focusing more on sound design and modern pop/urban production techniques. “Richey’s been collaborating with artists at (Dr. Dre’s) Aftermath Entertainment since we got to LA, so that’s had some sonic influence on our new songs.”

The band’s final goal is to alert the listener that in actuality, there’s nothing missing. You are complete, and everything for you to be happy is, was, and always will be, within you.

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