Ugly Beautiful “sunrise”

We’re glad to announce that Dublin, Ireland-based alternative rock trio Ugly Beautiful have released a new single, entitled “Sunrise,” along with an animated music video for the track.

Ugly Beautiful’s sound blends alternative rock with hints of grunge and indie, and features intuitive songwriting and thoughtful production. The band employs collaborative songwriting between Kieran Lane (lead vocals and guitar), Falender (drums) and Galagher (bass). Ugly Beautiful was founded in 2007 and have released several successful projects as well as touring extensively around Ireland between then and going on hiatus in 2013.

Ugly Beautiful reunited in 2019, gigging in Poland and planning to follow up with a tour in the summer of 2020. Finding himself with a lot of free time during the lockdown, Lane dug out some unreleased recordings that the band had created pre-hiatus. He re-worked and re-imagined the tracks, rewrote lyrics, added layers of guitars and synths, and recorded vocals and backing vocals in his home studio. The band are currently releasing these recordings and are looking forward to future projects.

Ugly Beautiful recorded “Sunrise” in Data Recording Studios, Kerry, a few years ago. More recently, the vocals and synths were recorded, and the track was mixed by Kieran in his home studio. “Sunrise” is a dynamic, guitar-driven track that is also melodic and emotional. Echoing, reverb-laden guitar, deep bass, and syncopated drumming create a dreamlike atmosphere throughout the track, while the thoughtful lyrics follow a conversation, with one person caught in their own thoughts and the other trying to help them get out of it. Kieran says, “The song tells the story of two people trying to help each other through this relentless, confusing, distracting world in which we live.” The memorable chorus is a reminder to live in the moment, and to acknowledge what’s happening right now in the present.

The music video for “Sunrise” was created by visual artist and animator Aaron Wiley. Kieran says, “We were excited to get Aaron on board to bring a visual element to the music.  Aaron has done an amazing job, taking things to a new level altogether. His story brings a new perspective to the song which is exactly what we were looking for. It’s a feast for the senses.” The video features a man working in a factory, going through the grim motions of life. A light shines through the mundane, showing him a different way to see the world and how to overcome the rut in which he finds himself; and the dreamy psychedelic sequences are the sunrise in the music video.

“Sunrise” is quite an enjoyable listen, and I would highly recommend it to fans of indie- and alternative rock alike.

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