Jesse Grossi – “Last call”

If it feels good, go with the flow.” This is Jesse Grossi’s message in his brand new, feel good single, “Last Call“, a Caribbean feeling track sure to make you tap your foot and immediately catch the lyrics.

Los Angeles, CA artist Jesse Grossi likes to have a good time while making music, enjoying the process the whole way through, even the frustrating moments!

Influenced by energetic ska, punk and reggae bands like Sublime, Rancid, 311, Dirty Heads, Lily Allen, Green Day, Nirvana, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jesse also enjoys the upbeat sounds and songwriting from the likes of Johnny Cash and Johnny Thunders.

“Last Call” is a feel good song, where you will find an invitation to live life as it is, enjoying every moment as if it’s the last one. It is a pop-rock, ska groove song filled with harmonious vocals and easy-to-listen melodies.

“I made sure I always had a smile on my face throughout the process” – Jesse Grossi

Jesse has played live gigs in venues like Whiskey a Go Go in Hollywood, CA multiple times, the Rainbow Room (Hollywood CA), and Canyon Club (Agora Hills, CA), while also playing at Fiesta del Sol Argentina, SF; and presence in El Double Media Hora television program Reconquista, SF.

Last Call’s music was recorded in his home studio, while vocals were recorded at Ferias Studios with Andres Ferias, who also mixed and mastered the track.

“I was just having fun with a lil story telling. The chorus was really fun to lay down, I wanted to capture a Beach Boys style harmony.” – Jesse Grossi

Catchy, mellow and fun, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear this song in your next party. The song also features Bruno Grossi on lead guitar, and has a lyric video animated by db Studio.

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