Electric high – “Trembling Bones”

Have you ever been so hangover you had to make song about how much your bones ache? Norwegian rock and rollers Electric High are back, this time with a single that captures a hard hitting morning after a hard night out. Headaches, paranoia from last night’s events and Trembling Bones, a perfect combination to come up with a heavy hitting single.

After successfully releasing their EP Go Easy On My Heart not so long ago, Electric High seems to have taken their celebration a bit too over the top, as vocalist PV Staff and guitarist Marius Mørch woke up equally devastated the next day. Pounding headaches, death-breaths, stomachs turning, vague memories of what happened the night before, and trembling bones, were the not very welcomed symptoms this pair had, and so, they decided to make a song out of it.

A punchy and energetic track filled with soaring guitars and growling basses, grooving drums and percussions carve the way for PV’s and Olav’s powerful singing (a rock band with TWO lead singers? Man, that is electric). The verse, the “situation growing on my mind” refers to the escalating headaches and the paranoia of last night’s blurry events.

The percussive intro illustrates the shaky state our songwriters were in while they conceived this song.”

Electric High find influence in bands like Wolfmother, Aerosmith and Black Sabbath. Its members hail from bands like Sahg, Faith Circus, and Emmerhoff & The Melancholy Babies. Fronted by two in-your-face singers, this band goes hard and heavy, no questions asked and no-holds-barred.

Recorded at Solslottet Studios in Bergen, Norway, the song was produced by Iver Sandøy. It is fuzzy, it is stomping, it is raw and a bit haunting… Let yourself be thrilled by the experience of the Trembling Bones.

Electric High is:
PV Staff — lead vocals
Olav Iversen — lead vocals
Marius Mørch — guitars
Einride Torvik — bass
Tor Bjarne Bjelland — drums

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