Memphis Stone and the elevators – higher


Single #3 from the forthcoming EP.

This song deserves to be huge! – I don’t say this kind of thing often and I don’t say it lightly either – this is the kind of song you can picture yourself singing along to at the top of your voice, hands aloft; basking in the euphoria of a glorious summer music festival.

There is so much going on in this breathless song – its 3:13 duration is nowhere near enough and leaves you wanting much, much more. This is a very intentional plan though to leave the listener wanting more… upon hearing this track just a few times, it is very apparent that ‘the team’ know exactly what they are doing – the band appear to be masters of their instruments and the production here is absolutely superb.

This is a song fit to grace the biggest of arenas and the sound of it immediately brought to mind many other excellent bands – bands that have maybe influenced Memphis Stone and The Elevators – or alternatively, bands that I could also imagining rocking this very tune themselves. In the exact order that they popped into my head while listening to this song – they were Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Kula Shaker, New Order and U2. You must listen to find out if you can hear any elements of these bands too! If that’s not working for you, try listening for The Ruts, The Killers or Blink 182, with maybe a hint of Tom Jones and/or Georgie Fame thrown in to!

An uplifting tale of being in a chemically altered state on a mountain
side watching the world go round and questioning your part in it all.

The song starts at a relentless pace and never lets up – you are listening to something anthemic that you will want to play loud! It’s upbeat and it’s catchy – it features soaring guitars and Hammond organ over solid driving drums and bass, capped off with soulful vocals.

Memphis Stone has an energy and passion for music that many men half his age have never had. You’ll feel it in this song. I defy you to listen to this song… to listen this song at full volume! – and then to tell me that this song doesn’t deserve to be huge. You won’t hear many better songs this week, this month, or this summer! Play it now! – what are you waiting for?!

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