Zaryah – suspicious behavior

Paying homage to the famous Bond espionage movies, Luxembourgish artist Zaryah sings and performs a mysterious and gripping story in her single, suspicious behavior’.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Zaryah is a twenty-four-year-old singer and songwriter with an alternative pop and RnB sound who has tendency to go for dreamy and ethereal visuals that fit alongside some aspects of her dreamlike music, with the other half of her being shrouded in mystery and darkness of an old noir film. Her work as a whole is the meeting point between softly-lit salvation and the point of no return, and is beautifully accompanied by fashion-fused story-telling elements that are sung in Zaryah’s smokey and heavy, breathtaking vocals.

Her past work and debut album ‘Fallen Angel’ — a work that discussed the struggle of good and evil and society’s concept and impact over innocence and its loss — obtained over five million streams in all music streaming platforms, a sign of how appealing and desired Zaryah’s music is to the niche and audience she connects with. suspicious behavior is the first single of her upcoming EP titled ‘what u want is mine’, where all the songs will be discussing and focused on the themes of female empowerment and the acceptance of one’s own sexuality, especially when it can be used to one’s benefit.

suspicious behavior was produced by Chapters and written by Vanessa Lux and Simon Jay.

With sensuality surrounding the artist’s entire persona, suspicious behavior is expectedly and wonderfully filled with the sensual air found in the most dangerous moments of espionage stories, in those moments where everything is truly on the line or where romance threatens to ruin a mission. The single successfully balances beauty, danger, distrust and yearning for a single object or person — a clear display of Zaryah’s story-telling skills and knowledge.

Blending romance and mystery, the song highlights the stage of a risk relationship where the protagonist can no longer ignore the crippling sense of betrayal she feels as she starts to hyperfocus on any signs of another lover, or anything that might be intervening in her relationship. It’s a story with growing suspension that sheds a dramatic light on the reality many women have to face, as it is unfortunately a common occurrence to find you’ve been fooled by your own partner. In Zaryah’s case, the song’s protagonist has decided to stop deluding herself, and is currently aware of what is going on, as she’s determined to not let this situation go until she comes out with both her untouched dignity and the good reputation on her side.

Zaryah’s main purpose as an artist, aside from living her dream of dedicating herself to her passion, is to be able to transport her listener to an exhilarating alternate reality where the senses are heightened. Her slow and seductive instrumental aid in allowing the listener to slowly lose themselves in the songs, and her velvet vocals and the stories she tells through her words and voice are the finishing blow that leaves us hooked and paying attention to her every move.

Keep an eye out for Zaryah, for an artist like this is a swift gem who’s slowly beginning to glow more and more, and being there for the journey of her growth might just be one of your greatest joys.

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