bladderwrack -“TROLL”

A Victorian undertaker met an angry gravedigger and decided to make music, the rest is history. Bladderwrack, a rant rock from the UK are here to throw a middle finger to every troll in the world, citizen or politician (they’re all the same). “Troll” is the song Facebook doesn’t want in your timeline.

A British duo made up by a Victorian gravedigger with a beat up 12-string guitar, and a fierce gravedigger on the drums. As one splatters words of criticism playing through an ancient bass amp and abusive pedals, the other slams ferociously his drum kit providing the band’s backbone.

Bladderwrack was born as a reaction to the repellent events and specimens dominating our
headlines and media
, with 2-minute songs acting as tirades directed at any issue, event or person that pisses them off, deserving to be highlighted or ridiculed.

Troll was wrote remotely in lockdown as a response to reports of troll farms being run by Putin in an attempt to impact political decisions in the UK and US, Trump’s rants about anything that doesn’t fits his agenda, and the trolling the band has received about their own music from various gammons and other idiots. You can even see some of this trolls in their music video, so keep an eye peeled.

When it comes to writing music, Bladderwrack plays around with several riffs that might work which are then distilled down to their purest form as lyrics are wrote to fit perfectly into each composition. Although their music isn’t strictly punk, many have said that their attitude, aesthetic and content are the epitome of it.

Heavily influenced by Rage Against The Machine and Nirvana’s Bleach, Bladderwrack writes uncompromising songs in an uncompromising way, about things that uncompromisingly piss them off.

Creative, cynic and fun, this duo isn’t afraid to spit out truth as it is, so they’re really worth listening to.

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