Echo Hotel, “Hangers On”

April 30, 2021

For this New Music Friday release, we’ll be reviewing the latest single by Echo Hotel, so make yourself comfortable! Based in Bristol, Ed Hambly (guitar & vocals), Jack Holliday (drums) and James Waldron (bass) are the members of Echo Hotel, an alt-rock trio formed in early 2018, year in which the former joined the band. After their live debut at Exeter Cavern, they embarked in the journey of studio recording in the summer of 2019 (with Jonathan Segar as the producer). “Hangers On” is the final single that was recorded in these sessions, and it’s now available for steaming!

“The idea that turned into “Hangers On” came from a time I went back to my brother’s house with him after one of his club nights. We found it just full of random people engaged in an out-of-control afters. He’d not met most of them before… trampling all over his stuff and asking him who he was and if he knew where the toilet was. This theme of alienation and discomfort in your own home has stuck with me for years. He lives somewhere else now, and has a cat.”

“Hangers On” starts as a calm moment of contemplation, with a soft guitar and keyboard introduction preceding the musical narrative unfolding; the whole track is structured as a long build-up, in which the ever-rising intensity of the band’s playing reflects the feeling of an anxious discomfort. This tension is slightly veiled by the atmospheric effect resulting from the hypnotic instrumentals in the track (the sax and keyboards blend really nicely in here, contributing to a richer sound), until Ed’s soaring vocals give place to the cathartic release of emotion felt towards the end of the song and we get to hear how great all of the performances really are!

“Hangers On is one of our oldest songs and one of the first that came together when we got together as a band. It’s a live favourite of ours. The first recorded version was done on an iPad in 2016 and is completely different (and much, much worse) to the released one! It’s such a relief to finally have it out in the world. The original version might have a novelty release in the distant future.”


It is quite fascinating to hear how certain events can lead to the creation of artistic works able of transcending the negative emotions that in a certain way inspired them; this is one of the possibilities within art and representation, such valuable tools for the expression of our experiences and the development of self-awareness. We can definitely say that Echo Hotel managed to put their ideas on this poetic single packed with musicality and intense feeling, so make sure you don’t miss it out!


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