Kasha Lee “To Show You”

Self-produced artist Kasha Lee takes a pause from her darker storytelling and rhythms to dedicate a love letter to her partner, resulting in the resplendent affection that surrounds her single ‘To Show You’.

After the release of her more somber single ‘I’ll Be Free’, which Less Than 1,000 Followers reviewed at the time, the artist has taken a small break to write a more hopeful song. To Show You is Kasha’s first public attempt at a different style.

This independent and self-produced singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, named Kasha Lee, is the type of artist who finds emotional release and peacefulness through music. She’s been involved with music before she had even learned to speak, and it wasn’t long before she began writing her own songs as a preteen. From writing a song about a mushroom being in love to singing about traumatic experiences from her past, her art has gone through an enormous change, but it doesn’t change her love and joy she feels when she listens to music. 

At the young age of nineteen, Kasha Lee began a serious career as an artist and performer. Since the beginning, she’s been singing about negative past events and the effect they had on her and her mental health, treating her music as public diary entries about her life. 

For the very first time though, the young artist has decided to write about one of the positive influences in her life: her partner, Erik. Being full of love for them and reminiscing how both of them were when they first met, Kasha created a colorful and spontaneous track that is accompanied by lyrics about her relationship.

The song’s instrumental was written with the help of her partner.

To Show You was born out of Kasha’s desire to step away from her usual songwriting style back when quarantine had started, and things seemed more grim than ever. Now, at what might be the end of the pandemic, the release of this song coincides with the more positive mindset the society is currently in. The song coincidentally matches the emotional ride people have been going throughout the past year, as Kasha narrates how both her and her partner behaved when they met, and the changes they’ve been going through.

Rather than a song about how they felt back then, Kasha and her partner are looking back on that time of their lives. With a song about finding stability and comfort in someone coming out right as people’s lives seem to be getting back on track, the positive message of the song is reinforced and might be more relatable to listeners from all over the world. 

Kasha Lee dared to try a different style and inspiration for her work in order to maintain a positive mindset during times of struggle, and she managed to do so alongside the person she loves and has been with for over three years. Setting a good example as an artist and partner, Kasha Lee is an artist worth listening to and following.

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