Flat Moon “Demise”

We’re glad to announce that Leeds, UK-based psychedelic funk band Flat Moon have released a new single, entitled “Demise.”

Flat Moon formed in early 2019, including Jacob Kendrew (lead guitar, vocals), Euan Kneale (drums), Alistair McCarthy (bass, vocals) and Matthew White (guitar, vocals). After playing their first few gigs across northern England, they were joined by fifth member Alex Woods (vocals, guitar). Flat Moon’s blend of complex funk with psychedelic undertones makes them stand out from typical 5-piece bands, and they’ve been making waves around the northern music scene for the past couple of years.

Prior to releasing “Demise,” Flat Moon released three singles (“Vultures,” “Hold It There,” and “Enough”) as well as an EP (Space Juice) in 2020, and they also released a single earlier this year, entitled “Cherrywood.” Flat Moon recently signed to Monomyth Records, and “Demise” is their first track released with this record label.

Describing their new single, the band writes, “‘Demise’ is our best tune to date, and is an excellent display of the genre fluidity we strive for in our music. The song starts with an air of mystique and melancholy, with pensive lyricism, before erupting into a segment of molten hot funk. Classic Flat Moon. From the bleak empty streets, to the front row at a gig, ‘Demise’ is not only a musical journey, but a near biblical experience.

“Demise” begins with a slow bassline that is accompanied nicely by gentle drumming and effects-laden guitar chords, setting a cozy atmosphere at the beginning of the track. As the drums and bass together establish a relaxed groove, reverberating guitar notes foreshadow “Demise”’s wistful-sounding melody that is revisited during the track’s choruses. The calm, reflective mood during the beginning segment of Flat Moon’s new single is further sustained by the Frank Sinatra-like vocals and a distant, thunder-like sound in the background.

Midway through the track, a barrage of descending electric guitar notes signals an abrupt increase in tempo, as an energetic funk groove takes over, featuring Funkadelic-like bass hooks and the excellent backing vocals of Lily Kaye. Flat Moon subsequently return to the relaxed melodies visited at the beginning of “Demise,” drawing the listener back into tranquility to conclude this wonderfully creative and dynamic track.

Flat Moon’s new single is quite an enjoyable listen, and I would highly recommend it to fans of funk and psychedelic/indie rock alike.

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