NEW SINGLE – Friday 30th April 2021

Reinventing herself… darker and heavier than before… this is the 3rd single from H A Z E (Hazel Smith)

If you have heard music from H A Z E before, then this song will surprise you from the outset and at every turn. If you have never heard Hazel Smith’s music before, this will be a fantastic starting point for you. There’s a new darkpop queen coming out of the shadows, with the burgeoning potential to usurp the likes of the vastly over-rated Billie Eilish.

An ominous vocal underpins this hypnotic, brooding track – it’s a 3 minute epic trip to a dark and seedy underworld. The conviction in Hazel’s words rides the sonic waves of this song – and the waves come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and speeds. The song has been expertly crafted and produced – and although there are parts of it which will give you some sense of deja-vu, there is more than enough going on here musically to keep you intrigued… and to make you return to this song time and time again.

‘Skin’ sounds like Pixx or Shirley Manson fronting Depeche Mode – but although some of the inspirations of this artist are there for all to hear, the song is still unique and exhilarating.

Keep your mind open and look into yourself, you never know what you might find!

“Skin is about being inhabited in your own body by a darker side of yourself. The lyrics are written in the point of view of this evil twin trying to get out and just do whatever it wants with no limits or shame. We all have a dark side, if we neglect it too long, it just takes over us at some point. For better or… for worse. To anyone listening to H A Z E for the first time I would say: I write about what I’m going through, what I learn about myself on the path I set out to follow, hoping my experiences can be shared and could resonate with others.”

Collaborator and guitarist Jamal Aggoun once again worked on the arrangements for this song, along with producer Bob Matthews. To finish it off, Skin was mastered by engineer Dick Beetham at 360 Mastering.

Cinematic dark pop with hints of electro, experimenting with synth wave and prog rock.

“I’ll sink in when you’re not thinking… and you’ll never be alone”

H A Z E has got the image and the aptitude, her concepts have huge potential and she has also got the soundscapes. It’s time to welcome an adventurous new musician into the limelight.

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