“Last Goodbye” by Tasha Blackmore

Pop meets country dosen’t get much sweeter than this folks, but with a twist…

Fresh from the modest success of “High Time” released in January, Tasha is back with a cautionary tale. Her new single “Last Goodbye” is inspired by a situation that many of us have probably found ourselves in at some point in our lives; it could be a dead end relationship, a dead end job, heck, a dead end anything but have been struggling to pluck up the courage and the strength to cut all ties. Tasha pines about this moment – that point of no return and this time it truly is “the Last Goodbye”…

Tasha is naturally gifted at writing music that is inspired by personal experiences and feelings. She translates them into honest lyrics that resonate with listeners: songs that they can relate to and apply to their own lives. So what’s going on here?

“I was inspired to write Last Goodbye after I found myself having trouble to move on from a situation that I knew wasn’t healthy for me anymore and that I deserved better. I said a thousand times that I was going to end it but I was struggling to really cut those ties, until one day something inside of me changed and I was finally at the point of no return. You know in yourself that you aren’t being treated right, that you deserve better but you haven’t found the courage to end it… yet, “Last Goodbye” talks about the moment when you reach the point of no return and this time, it really is the last goodbye”.

A cautionary tale indeed, but maybe it’s the nature of a country/pop song that has me recalling what George Bernard Shaw had to say about quitting smoking: “easiest thing I’ve ever done, have done it thousands of times…”

All optional humour aside, this is the complete tune with sumptuous production and perfect mixing… our smouldering star from Northumberland is steadily rising…

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