Abi Mia “Checking In”

Have you been thinking about getting in touch with a friend? There’s a new song that will encourage you to do just that! And as there are very few things that can encourage and influence quite as easily as a well-written song with relatable lyrics, I’m glad to introduce a lovely new single by a wonderful artist!

Abi Mia is a fresh soulful pop singer-songwriter greeting us from the UK. With music running in her blood ever since she was small, her well-tuned songwriting and vocal skills take on new levels with every new release. Inspiration for writing music comes from daily life: life experiences, happenings and thoughts stirring deep within become the basis of melodies that grow into huge emotion-driven and powerful songs with healing and empowering abilities. The lyrics, influential and relevant, seek to shatter any and all pensive moods and make the listener recognize themselves and shine. With such guiding and inspirational messages given spotlight by the singer’s incredible voice and captivating movie-like instrumentals, the music of Abi Mia is truly something that will make you pause what you’re doing and listen.

Her musical journey started during the pandemic, which however didn’t stop her from reaching out to her dreams. Thus, the first single “Fly Your Way” that was released in October became a encouraging story about reaching your dreams and ignoring naysayers. There have been 4 more releases, including melancholic “Here To Stay” and larger-than-life anthem “Make Myself Tall”. This time, Abi Mia is back with a new release!

Checking In”, the new single, wraps you in a warm blanket as soon as you hit play. Written based of the near-daily zoom chats with her 93-year-old grandpa, the song feels so gentle and heartwarming it’s impossible not to smile hearing her soft vocals that cradle the listener into a caressing hug. Flowing in soft positive vibes and airy piano playing, this song becomes a friend that surprises you with a honest and warm message asking “How are you? How is life treating you?” It also feels like a surprise visit by a friend you once were close with, and the room gets filled with stories, laughter and the delicate scent of earl grey.

The core of this beautiful melodious tune also carries an important message – a call to check in on your friends and loved ones. Even when they seem fine, they might be struggling or craving for someone to speak to, to hear your voice and not feel alone for a while. And this song, with all of its intimacy and warmth, could be the best song to send to your dearest friend! With a little message from you, of course.

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